Distilled USDA Organic CBD Oil, 50MG/ML


Distilled USDA Organic CBD Oil, 50MG/ML


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Our 1,500mg Distilled Formula USDA organic CBD oil is best suited for experienced CBD consumers who need comfort during the day. This formula contains twice the amount of distilled CBD concentrate as our 750mg Distilled Formula, with 50mg of CBD per dropper. At 75% pure CBD and 0.19% THC, our Distilled Formula is the perfect choice for those seeking comfort with full spectrum CBD hemp oils, without slowing down their day. 

These CBD drops have a smooth, mild flavor with light notes of pepper and a touch of sweetness. It’s popular for daytime use because it contains less THC and less terpene content than our Whole Plant Formula. Cornbread Hemp CBD oils contain no more than 0.3% THC and have been certified organic by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. 

  • USDA Certified Organic Kentucky Hemp Extract
  • USDA Certified Organic Medium Chain Coconut Oil
  • 50mg CBD Per Dropper, 1,500mg CBD Total (30 servings)
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All of the plant matter has been removed from the Distilled formula, leaving behind a clean pure CBD oil that is still full spectrum. This oil is best for people who do not like the hempy robust flavor that most CBD oils have. It is also ideal for people looking to take CBD in the morning or daytime because of the lower THC level than our Whole Plant formula.

Everyone is different, and the ideal dose of CBD can vary person to person. Differences in age, body weight, metabolism, sex, and genetics can affect how CBD affects each one of us. To learn more, you can read our dosage guide written by our resident pharmacist, Dr. Leslie Mudd, PharmD.

9 times out of 10, CBD is safe to take with other medications. However, CBD has been shown to have a synergistic effect with other medications, making them potentially stronger in some situations. To be safe, make sure to talk to your doctor before beginning your daily CBD routine if you take other medications.

Yes. We stop the distillation process at 75% purity because that’s when THC starts to fade out. We do this to preserve as much THC and minor cannabinoids as possible while stripping out the plant matter. That gives the Distilled formula a perfect balance of CBD purity with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including THC.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *


30ml bottle; 30 servings
50mg CBD per dropper
USDA Certified Organic
Organic Medium Chain Virgin Coconut Oil,
Organic Hemp Extract
Take once or twice daily depending on your preference. This product is best suited for experienced CBD users. Take daily for best results.


Product Benefits

We use only USDA certified organic hemp from Kentucky family hemp farms when producing our top-shelf organic CBD tinctures. By choosing only the most potent high CBD hemp strains, and relying on ISO accredited third party lab results, we make sure that Cornbread Hemp products are the absolute best quality on the market. Our selection of organic CBD products can be found at pharmacies, co-ops, health food stores, and other wellness providers across America.

Cornbread Hemp CBD oils contain no added flavoring, as our products taste great naturally. By using an organic sugarcane ethanol extraction process taking only the flower of the hemp plant to obtain our extract, we don’t have to cover the flavor with sugar-filled sweeteners. Instead, we leave this CBD tincture completely unflavored, using only two simple certified organic ingredients.

Certified organic medium chain virgin coconut oil is the carrier oil that we use to formulate our organic CBD tinctures. After extraction, we blend it with organic coconut oil together to create our final finished product. That’s it. No preservatives, no sweeteners, and absolutely no pesticides or heavy metals.

If you still have questions or concerns regarding CBD oils or any other CBD products, feel free to contact us anytime! You can reach us by email at support@cornbreadhemp.com or by telephone at (502) 289-1552.

Key Ingredients

USDA Organic Kentucky Hemp Extract (75% pure), USDA Organic Medium Chain Virgin Coconut Oil.


For Best Results

The most important factor to a successful CBD routine is consistency. Make sure to take your organic CBD hemp drops at the same time everyday. Give your body time to adjust to the serving size before increasing or decreasing.

30mL bottle contains 30 1mL servings or 60 .5mL servings.

Dropper use: Squeeze the rubber bulb at the end of the dropper while inserting the dropper into the hemp oil. Release the bulb to allow the dropper to fill up with oil. Once full, take the dropper out and position it inside your mouth, but make sure the tip of the dropper is below your tongue. Release the CBD tincture under your tongue sublingually and allow it to sit for at least 60 seconds before coating the inside of your mouth with whatever extract remains. You want to try and swallow as little as possible, and absorb as much as possible.

Cornbread Hemp organic CBD oils contain a graduated dropper with four even markings. This allows you to split the serving size into four parts and dial in your exact dose. Use the guide below to help:

  • 1.00mL = 50mg
  • 0.75mL = 37.5mg
  • 0.50mL = 25mg
  • 0.25mL = 12.5mg

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