cbd oil vs cbd gummies

CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies

What is the difference between CBD Oil and Gummies? 

Are you interested in trying CBD for wellness? Or maybe you are already taking CBD oil and you're interested in changing how you take your daily dose of CBD? Sometimes it can boil down between two choices like: CBD oil vs CBD gummies. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these two types of CBD products. 

How CBD is absorbed into the body is dependent on how it is delivered to your bloodstream. You can either ingest a CBD gummy or place a CBD tincture or oil under your tongue. Both of these methods of consumption determine the rate and levels of uptake, distribution, as well as the elimination of the compound from our systems.1

The way you take CBD can therefore dictate how effective your CBD will be at exhibiting its potential balancing effects.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many chemical compounds called a cannabinoid and is found exclusively in members of the cannabis family. Since hemp became legal in 2018, the market has been flooded with companies making products containing these compounds. The hemp plant is defined as a cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% of the intoxicating THC compound, while having high levels of the potentially beneficial CBD compound.  

What sets Cornbread Hemp apart from other CBD brands is our dedication to producing high quality organic CBD hemp oil. All of our USDA organic full spectrum CBD oils are derived from hemp flowers only—no stems, leaves, or seeds. We make our CBD extract into two different formulas: Whole Flower CBD oil and Distilled CBD oil.  

The Whole Flower CBD oil is our flagship CBD product. It’s an organic CBD oil that contains a robust full spectrum of minor cannabinoids and close to the legal limit of THC for nighttime comfort. Our Distilled CBD oil is a more refined formula, but still full spectrum with a legal amount of THC to encourage an entourage effect. Because it’s more pure, our Distilled CBD oil is great for daytime comfort and for anyone sensitive to the bold flavors of our Whole Flower CBD Oil. 

CBD oil goes to work in a short time when used correctly. That means holding it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds, then spreading the remaining oil over your gums with your tongue before swallowing. You should allow about 45 minutes to an hour to assess how the CBD makes you feel.2 Because you’re taking it sublingually, oils have a higher bioavailability than gummies. Bioavailability is the extent and rate at which your body absorbs a substance.3

Compared when you use CBD edibles, taking CBD sublingually is more direct and takes a shorter time for the effects to show. Sublingual consumption results in higher CBD bioavailability due to little loss of the substance.4


These days you can buy gummy anything. Once upon a time, it was pretty much just gummy bears and Swedish fish. Now, gummies may come in all shapes and sizes. You can even buy a five-pound gummy bear on Amazon for $30.5 For the many people who don’t like taking pills, there are plenty of OTC drugs, vitamins, and supplements that are available in gummy form. The same holds true for CBD supplements.

CBD gummies provide you with a fun and convenient way to take CBD. These gummies are CBD edibles in the form of small, chewy and delicious natural fruit-flavored bites. With all the CBD gummies available online today, there’s a wide range of quality from bargain basement to premium, like Cornbread.

Cornbread Hemp has developed perhaps the only CBD gummies available that are USDA organic, Flower-Only™ full spectrum, and vegan. Every ingredient that goes into Cornbread Hemp’s CBD gummies is certified organic by the USDA. When we say that Cornbread Hemp’s gummies are “berry flavored,” we don’t mean some weird chemical additive that tastes like a generic movie theater berry slushy. We use actual organic blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. And the little bit of natural sugar from the fruit is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Our gummies are also vegan, made with apple pectin. Most other CBD gummy producers use gelatin, which is made from animal byproducts, to thicken and mold their products. Pectin is a fiber found in fruits and vegetables that is often used to thicken jellies and jams. 

Because gummies are digested, it can take longer to feel the effects of the CBD than when it’s taken by sublingual oil. This delayed effect has pros and cons. Gummies are metabolized slower than CBD oil since they have to be broken down by your digestive system. This may mean that CBD from a gummy might stay in your system longer than the more directly delivered CBD oil.

Additionally, the CBD digested in a gummy must also pass through the liver before circulating in your bloodstream.6 A 2009 report indicated that during lab tests, gummies and edibles tend to have an absorption rate of between 4 and 20 percent, depending on concentration.7 


In the case of CBD oil vs gummies, dosing is approached differently for each. Because CBD oil is a liquid delivered by a dropper with clear dosage markings, it is easier to manage your CBD dosage with oil than it is with gummy dosage. Our original strength CBD hemp oils are formulated to be 25 mg of CBD per full dropper. It's easy to choose an exact amount by adjusting the amount of CBD oil in the dropper. Our CBD gummies are made at a dosage level of 10 mg per gummy. That means your CBD dosage with gummies, in contrast to CBD oil, is more of a stair-step approach in 10 mg increments.

Because CBD oil is delivered sublingually through the capillaries underneath your tongue directly into your bloodstream, you’ll likely find that it produces a more immediate effect. Consuming a dropper of oil will likely bring on the effects of CBD faster than popping a few CBD gummies and waiting for them to go through your digestive system.8 

Some customers prefer CBD gummies over CBD oil because many people consider gummies to be more appetizing than oil. This pleasant experience can make it much easier to consume on a regular basis as recommended for best results. Most people also find eating CBD edibles, like gummies, to be more discreet than trying to place oil under the tongue. This makes it possible to consume CBD out in public since it will appear that you are just enjoying a snack.9

CBD gummies also compare favorably to CBD capsules.


You can get the same wellness benefits of CBD from CBD gummies as CBD oil. Many people take Cornbread Hemp's CBD gummies for discomfort or easing worries, while others find that they help them wind down after a long day or focus better in the morning. Any side effects that CBD may have are minimal. A number of studies have found that CBD cannot cause overdose.10 

Our USDA Organic CBD gummies and CBD oils are made from USDA organic ingredients and are vegan-friendly. The hemp for Cornbread Hemp’s organic CBD oil is grown on Kentucky family farms without pesticides or herbicides, oil has no additives or fillers, and you can verify this by accessing our third-party test results for each batch available online. As with all our products, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day guarantee.

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Most other CBD gummy producers use gelatin, which is made from animal byproducts, to thicken and mold their products.

Many people consider gummies to be more appetizing than oil. This pleasant experience can make it much easier to consume on a regular basis as recommended for best results. Also, they are more discrete.

Some people don't like the taste of the gummies. Oils have a greater bioavailability than gummies. CBD oils can be put in drinks, food, lotions, etc.


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