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Virtual Farm

Virtual Tractor

Virtual Farm

Virtual Tractor for Cornbread Hemp Farm Tour

Try our new 360° virtual farm tour to see exactly where your favorite USDA organic CBD oils are sourced from.

Why Cornbread Hemp?

USDA Organic CBD Oil Production Process by Hand

USDA Organic CBD Oil

Organic CBD extract and organic MCT oil. No preservatives, no fillers.

Sustainably Sun-grown

Grown in Kentucky sunshine with crop rotations instead of fertilizers.

Organic CBD Oil Extracted from the Flower of the Hemp Plant

Flower-only Extraction

Only hemp flowers used for our CBD extract (no stems or leaves).

Farm to Label

Hand-crafted in small batches for quality, taste, and freshness.

The Cornbread Story

You might wonder why our name is Cornbread. It’s not because the word contains "CBD" (that was just fate).

Pharmacist Dr. Leslie Mudd in Cornbread Hemp Field

Oncology Pharmacist
& Board Advisor

Dr. Leslie Mudd, PharmD

A board certified oncology pharmacist with 25 years experience at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Leslie Mudd now serves on our Board of Advisors as our resident pharmacist and medical expert.

Dr. Mudd brings decades of pharmaceutical research and experience to our team, and will assist with product development, FDA regulations, and CBD education via our blog!

Dr. Leslie's Lab of Research:

Can CBD Oil Get You High?

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but can it get you high?

Full vs Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD oil has had the THC chemically removed. Why do you care?

Hemp vs Marijuana

All hemp is cannabis, but not all cannabis is hemp. Learn about the differences.

CBD Oil and Drug Tests

Taking CBD could cause you to fail a drug test. Learn about your risks here!

CBD Dosage Guide 

Taking the correct dose of CBD oil is often the most important factor to relief.

How Long it Takes to Work

CBD comes in many different forms, all of which have different effects.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Many people get hemp oil and CBD oil confused, so we are here to clear things up.

250 Years of Kentucky Tradition

Founded by native Kentuckians, Cornbread Hemp is built on the rich history of hemp in Kentucky and pays homage to the hundreds of years it was grown in our state, before it was legal.

Cornbread Hemp Blog

With so many terms being used to refer to CBD oil, we thought it'd be nice to have a definitive guide to hemp oil vs CBD oil.

We get it - CBD is everywhere. But what does it actually do? Find out about the benefits of CBD oil from our resident pharmacist, Dr. Leslie Mudd, PharmD!

All hemp is cannabis, but not all cannabis is hemp! Cannabis plants with less than 0.3% are now classified by law as hemp plants. Learn more here!