America’s Finest Hemp CBD, Since 1775

Cornbread Hemp

America’s Finest Hemp CBD, Since 1775

cornbread hemp cbd products
cornbread hemp cbd products

Distilled for Potency

The most refined full spectrum CBD oil on the market. We distill our CBD oil to remove unwanted plant matter. It's the best tasting, most potent, all natural CBD oil that is 50-state legal.

Grown Since 1775

Kentucky has grown America's finest hemp since 1775, even when it wasn't legal (see our story). We've learned a thing or two over these last 200 years. Leave hemp to the professionals.

Third Party Lab Tested

Every Cornbread Hemp product is rigorously lab tested by a leading US cannabis testing facility. All products have been inspected for heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and more.


Your Health; Our Hemp

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From 1775 until the 1970’s, over two thirds of the American hemp supply was grown in Kentucky, and this wasn’t by accident. Kentucky is to hemp what the Napa Valley is to wine; the finest cultivating climate on Earth for it’s chosen crop.

We’ve taken extraordinary measures to ensure our products are 100% safe for your friends and family. Every Cornbread Hemp product has been thoroughly inspected by Digipath Labs, an award winning cannabis testing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here to see our certified lab reports.

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Consumer Reports STudy

Percentage of Users Reporting CBD Was Extremely Effective:

Reduce anxiety & relax
Better sleep
Reduce muscle & joint pain
Experienced no side effects

Data provided by Consumer Reports.

hemp oil for pain


“I have sciatica pain when I use this is stops the pain for a while. I love it.”

-Christina S., verified buyer

Distilled for potency

Why is distilled CBD oil better?

If you’ve taken a hemp CBD oil before, you know that most of them contain a very harsh, grassy aftertaste and are usually a dark brown color. This is because most brands in the CBD industry are mixing the first run of hemp crude oil with a carrier like MCT oil, and then bottling this mixture directly without any filtration. 

Not at Cornbread Hemp. We knew we could do better. Made from our signature distilled hemp extract, we’ve taken out 100% of the plant matter and grassy flavors found in other products made with harsh whole hemp crude oil. 

As a result, the full spectrum cannabinoids present in Cornbread Hemp CBD oils are more bioavailable and will penetrate your system much quicker than thick crude oils.