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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our company, our process, or CBD in general? We compiled the most common inquiries below! If you need more information, email or call us at (502) 289-1552!

CBD FAQ Categories

Our Hemp CBD Company

Where did the name Cornbread Hemp originate?

Co-founder Jim Higdon was an author before starting Cornbread Hemp. His first book was about 70 men from Kentucky who were arrested in the 1980's for the largest domestic marijuana syndicate in American history, which took place in his hometown of Marion County, Kentucky. That book was called "The Cornbread Mafia."

Where is Cornbread Hemp located?

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Cornbread Hemp is the #1 rated CBD company in the Bluegrass State. Our Kentucky hemp roots date back to 1775, when the first hemp plant was harvested in Springfield, Kentucky. Today, we source 100% of our crop from USDA organic farmers in Kentucky.

Do you have a retail shopping location?

Cornbread Hemp products are sold in nearly 100 health food stores and pharmacies across the midwest and southeast. Our USDA organic CBD oils are the most potent cannabis products to ever be certified organic by the federal government. We pride ourselves on partnering with local, trusted retailers that support our mission of getting comfortable with cannabis.

Who started Cornbread Hemp?

Cornbread Hemp was founded by two first cousins, Eric Zipperle and Jim Higdon, who are both native Kentuckians.

How can I invest in Cornbread Hemp?

We are currently hosting an equity crowdfund campaign where investors can buy shares of Cornbread Hemp stock at a $4,000,000 valuation. Learn more here.

Our Hemp CBD Products

Are Cornbread Hemp CBD products third party lab tested?

Absolutely! Cornbread Hemp sends every single batch to be tested by our third party lab testing partner, Kaycha Labs. We never release a batch of CBD oil for sale online, or with our retail partners, until we know for sure that it is 100% free of pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and microbials, and that the product label is accurate as it relates to CBD content. View our certificate of analysis for each batch at the link above, including our selection of CBD topicals and CBD oil for pets. We never hide our lab reports behind a batch number portal. You have access to our entire library of batch reports from the beginning of our company in 2019 when visiting our lab reports page.

How do I know where Cornbread Hemp products come from?

Before purchasing CBD products from a company, look for their hemp farm on the company website, or a hemp growing license. If they have a relationship with their hemp farmer, they will have photos and video of the farm on the website, or a hemp license from their state. If you don’t find pictures of the hemp farm or a license, odds are that they don’t have one! This is what we refer to as a “White Label” CBD company, which should be avoided at all costs. Cornbread Hemp became the first CBD company in Kentucky to offer USDA organic CBD oils because we work with the best hemp farmers across the state who use only organic farming practices.

What other ingredients are in the organic CBD oils?

Our USDA organic CBD oils are made with only two certified organic ingredients: USDA organic Kentucky hemp extract and USDA organic coconut oil. That's it.

Are your CBD oils actually USDA certified organic?

Yes, they actually are! Our USDA organic CBD oils have been audited and approved by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. These products meet a rigorous set of standards set by the USDA for pesticides, fertilizers, and much more. Products bearing the USDA organic seal are grown without any synthetic materials and must adhere to farming processes that support regenerative agriculture.

What kind of extraction process does Cornbread Hemp use?

Our USDA organic CBD products are made using an organic sugarcane ethanol extraction process that starts with removing the stems and leaves, taking only the whole hemp flower for our CBD-rich extracts.

Do you offer CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD?

Heck, no! We believe that cannabis is the world's most important natural remedy, so why would we distort its natural beauty? Our products contain a full spectrum of cannabis phytocannabinoids, including up to 0.3% THC and other minor cannabinoids.

Shipping & Returns

What carrier service will deliver my package?

All online orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail, which you may choose at checkout! First Class Mail currently runs $5.00 per order, while Priority Mail is $10.00 per order. Orders over $100 ALWAYS receive free shipping at Cornbread Hemp!

When will my order be shipped?

We ship orders Monday through Friday at around 11AM each day. Orders placed before 11AM on the weekdays will ship the same day. Orders placed after 11AM on weekdays will ship the next day. Orders placed after 11AM on Friday's and throughout Saturday and Sunday will be shipped Monday at 11AM.

How long does it take for delivery?

Orders shipped via USPS First Class Mail generally take 2-4 business days to arrive, depending on your location. Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail generally take 1-3 business days to arrive. * We cannot guarantee delivery times. *

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Because our products contain the maximum amount of THC permitted by law in hemp CBD products, which is 0.3% THC, we cannot ship them outside of the United States. We do however ship to all 50 states, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Can I return an item if I don't like it?

Yes, you can! Our return policy is outlined here on the return policy page. We allow all customers one refund on one item with no questions asked. After that, refunds will be considered for any goods damaged in transit. You can submit a return request here.

Hemp CBD Dosing & Timing

How long does CBD take to work? 

It really depends. CBD can have an immediate, noticeable effect but often the effects of CBD are not seen until a few weeks of consistent use. A person's age, weight, metabolism, and genetics can affect how long it takes to feel the effects of CBD.  

How much CBD should I take? 

How much CBD you take will depend on your age, weight, metabolism, and what condition you are trying to address. Cornbread Hemp offers Whole Plant and Distilled CBD oils in 25mg/ml and 50mg/ml formulations to give people a variety of options for how much CBD to take.  

What's the best way to take CBD? 

There are a variety of ways to take CBD, including capsules, sublingual oils, and topically. Each method is better suited for different types of CBD consumers. Most of our customers prefer sublingual CBD oil, but everyone is different. That's why we also offer CBD capsules and topical CBD creams.

* FDA Disclaimer *

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These CBD tinctures are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Cornbread Hemp's top quality CBD products are only available for sale within the United States and contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Hemp CBD Benefits & Reactions

What are the benefits of CBD oil?  

There have been many studies that demonstrate the wellness effects of CBD in the human body. However, until the FDA issues regulations on CBD, it's important for reputable CBD brands like Cornbread Hemp to not make any overt medical claims regarding how CBD might affect you. Our resident pharmacist, Dr. Leslie Mudd, tells you all you need to know about CBD oil benefits in a video on our blog.

Is CBD psychoactive?

The answer is a surprising yes. Most resources will say that CBD is not psychoactive, as compared to THC. But that's not entirely true. CBD can be psychoactive because it can affect your mood. A better way to think about it is that CBD is psychoactive like other non-intoxicating substances like caffeine and chocolate. That said, CBD is not intoxicating, which is what some people mean when they say CBD is not psychoactive. A better way to think about it is: CBD is psychoactive but not intoxicating.

Can I overdose on CBD? 

No! You cannot overdose on CBD. Taking too much CBD will not result in any major adverse effects. Any grown adult human over 150 pounds can take more than 100 mg of CBD per day safely. The worst a person might experience from too much CBD is feeling drowsy, having a stomach ache, or mild diarrhea symptoms.

Will CBD get me high? 

No, CBD will not get you high like THC. In fact, CBD has been shown to counteract the effects of THC. THC interacts with CB1 receptors in the brain, which causes the sensations of feeling high. By contrast, CBD interacts with CB2 receptors found elsewhere in the body, without the intoxicating effects of THC.

Will CBD make me fail a drug test? 

Yes, full spectrum CBD oil can cause you to test positive for THC. We believe that because hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal, including THC as long as it remains under 0.3%, that employees should no longer face discrimination from employers for testing positive for hemp-derived cannabinoids. However, in 2020, outdated beliefs about THC continue to influence workplace drug test policies. If you're concerned about a drug test, get a doctor's recommendation in writing, and get permission from your human resources, also in writing.

Hemp CBD's Legal Status

Is CBD legal in the United States?

Yes. CBD was legalized as part of the 2018 Farm Bill passed by Congress and signed by the president. The Farm Bill removed hemp from the list of illegal drugs, so long as the THC level does not exceed 0.3%. All products sold by Cornbread Hemp have been third-party lab tested to ensure compliance with this law. You can read more at our blog, "Is CBD legal?""

Is it legal to fly with CBD? 

Yes. The TSA has stated that CBD products made legal under the Farm Bill are safe to fly with. You will not get in trouble at airport security for possessing CBD products from Cornbread Hemp.

Is it legal to send CBD in the mail? 

Yes. It is perfectly legal to send and receive CBD products via the US Postal Service, thanks to the passage of the law coommonly known as the 2018 Farm Bill.

Is CBD legal in my state? 

Probably! CBD products are legal in just about every state. If you don't live in South Dakota, Idaho, or Nebraska, then CBD is legal in your state. If you live in South Dakota, Idaho, or Nebraska, you should contact your local elected officials and tell them to legalize CBD.