Fake CBD? What you need to know.

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We found counterfeit Cornbread Hemp products in the UK

When Cornbread Hemp went live six months ago, we knew fake CBD products were a problem. But we thought it was only a problem for our biggest competitors. We figured we wouldn’t have to deal with that problem for quite some time.

But when customers take notice, so do criminals. Our recent success has attracted the attention of counterfeiters making fake Cornbread products.

Last week, we discovered counterfeit Cornbread Hemp CBD capsules in the UK. Upon further investigation, we think this fake CBD brand originated in China and then made its way to the UK for distribution.

We only learned about the fake Cornbread hemp products because an eagle-eyed British father, who bought a fake Cornbread product. Concerned, he went to our website and determined that the fake CBD brand he purchased didn’t look like the Cornbread Hemp products on our site. So then, thankfully, he reached out to us. 

Not an isolated case of fake CBD

Leaders inside the CBD industry have been warning of fake CBD products for years. In 2017, more than 50 people in Utah were hospitalized for consuming fake CBD made from Spice, which is a form of synthetic marijuana.

But that’s not all. “Fake CBD” can also refer to manufacturers using regular hemp seed oil and marketing it as a CBD product with medical claims at a cheap price. This is what is happening on Amazon now, and why you should never buy your CBD on Amazon.

But a counterfeit CBD brand is even worse than regular fake CBD. A counterfeit CBD brand preys on the trust that a real brand creates with its customers and then betrays that trust with fake CBD products. 

Any CBD company that advertises on the internet is at risk. So what are other CBD brands doing to protect their customers from this fake CBD scam? Well, according to our research, not a lot. 

Cornbread Hemp fighting fake CBD

After not seeing a lot of leadership in this fight against counterfeit CBD, Cornbread Hemp has taken action on own. Here’s what we are doing to protect our customers from fake CBD products bearing counterfeit Cornbread Hemp branding. We already third-party lab test all our products with DigiPath Labs in Las Vegas — a leader in the cannabis testing industry with incredibly sensitive equipment. But is third-party lab testing good enough to stop fake CBD? Not any more.

That’s why Cornbread Hemp is developing a fourth-party system to increase the safety and security of our CBD products. We have contracted with a leader in cannabis anti-counterfeit protection. Cornbread is one of their first hemp clients, which means we are leading the charge in high-level CBD consumer protection. 

Cornbread Hemp’s anti-counterfeiting solution

With our new anti-counterfeiting partner, every Cornbread Hemp product will have a hologram seal with a unique scratch-off serial number. We assign each range of numbers to a specific product so that you know that your number connects to your product. If you type in your serial number, and our system says it has already been used — then that’s a fake CBD product. 

And we aren’t stopping there. Our anti-counterfeiting partner will also protect us from the possibility of altering our own lab reports, or CoA’s. We get all our CBD products tested at DigiPath Labs in Las Vegas. Normally, that’s the extent of lab testing verification. Third-party labs send CoA’s back to CBD brands, who posts the CoA’s on their website.

In this system, there’s an opportunity for a CBD brand to alter their own CoA to smooth out any rough edges. That’s something Cornbread Hemp will never do. To prove this, we are instituting a fourth-party system to ensure the safety, quality, and potency of our CBD products.

Here’s how Cornbread Hemp’s next-generation anti-counterfeit CBD CoA system will work: our new anti-counterfeiting partner will take possession of our CoA’s directly from the lab, and then post them online to link to our QR codes. That means that we will never have possession of our CoA’s until they are posted online. Are other CBD companies doing this? Not that we know of.

Cornbread Hemp is leading the anti-counterfeit CBD movement

That’s how Cornbread Hemp is leading the CBD industry to defeat counterfeit CBD criminals. You’ll always know when it’s Cornbread — we shut down counterfeit Cornbread before it starts.

Is your CBD brand doing this? If not, you could be buying a fake CBD brand and not even know it. If you’re confident that Cornbread Hemp goes the extra mile for your safety, you can shop here now.

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