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Before you buy Amazon CBD Oil, Read This

Does Amazon Sell CBD Oil?

Amazon is contributing to consumer confusion when it comes to CBD products. We all shop on Amazon. However, consumers should be careful when shopping for CBD oil on Amazon. The site’s rules do not protect shoppers from product fraud. Amazon’s compliance standards are stricter than federal law. But instead of protecting consumers, Amazon’s policies create a giant gray area that con artists love to exploit.

Amazon prohibits the sale of anything labeled “CBD” on its site. It does, however, allow products labeled “hemp” to be listed. This lets unscrupulous companies misrepresent their products using Amazon’s rules as a loophole. Therefore, you may think you are getting a good value on CBD oil, but you could be buying overpriced fake junk.

Hempseed Oil vs CBD Oil

Hempseed oil is made from pressed hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are a good source of omega fatty acids, but they have no CBD content. When a hemp flower is pollenated, it stop producing cannabinoids like CBD and focuses all its energy on seed production. That’s why hempseed oil does not contain CBD.

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Hempseed oil has zero CBD content, yet can still be marketed as “hemp oil”. Many people confuse hempseed oil for hemp-derived CBD oil and end up over-paying for something similar to olive oil.

Should You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

You should be careful. Hemp oil found on Amazon may indicate a high number that looks like a dosage, such as “3000 mg.” When you look closer at the listing you can see that the number represents the amount of inert hemp seed oil mixed into the product, not its active CBD content. This misrepresentation is meant to fool consumers into thinking that they will experience the same benefits as CBD oil at half the cost.

Best CBD Oil on Amazon

The CBD oil Amazon sells could be legitimate or fake depending on the manufacturer. It is possible to find legitimate CBD oil on Amazon. However, it is extremely difficult. A search for “CBD” on Amazon yields over 4000 results, and nearly all of them are vague as to whether or not they are legit CBD products or hyped-up hemp seed oil.

Some reputable CBD companies alter their labels to adhere to Amazon’s policies so that their products can be sold on the massive platform. We decided to test this theory with our 375mg Cornbread Hemp half-size Whole Flower CBD Oil on Amazon, and labeled them as “Hemp Oil,” with no mention of CBD on the label.

Sure enough, we are successfully selling these Whole Flower "Hemp Oils" on Amazon. This scenario is exactly why judging whether or not a CBD product is credible is still difficult even if you know what to look for. 

The only way to know if a hemp oil supplement you found on Amazon is a legitimate CBD oil product is to visit the brand’s website. Reputable CBD companies will have all the information on their site needed to verify the authenticity and safety of their products.

Finding Safe CBD Oil on Amazon

CBD oil products are currently unregulated. This could allow products that were produced with harmful materials to end up on the shelf. When you are shopping for CBD hemp oil online, make sure that the product has been lab tested by a third party.

Complete lab reports are readily available on a credible CBD company’s website. Their product should be free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. They should also show the potency of their products to ensure that their product contains a legal amount of THC.

Organic CBD Oil Amazon

The only reliable certification that a hemp oil CBD product can attain to prove its quality is the USDA organic certification. The standards required for certified organic products ensure that the product was grown without pesticides or toxins, and that the extraction process used organic solvents and ingredients.

Extraction Methods and CBD Quality

When researching different CBD companies you will notice that they have different methods of extraction. Using carbon dioxide (CO2) has become a common extraction method. Pressurized carbon dioxide is used to pull valuable phytochemicals from the raw plant matter. While this method is generally safe because it is solvent-free, the process can leave the extract with a bitter taste.

Certified organic CBD products from Cornbread Hemp use organic sugarcane ethanol as a solvent. This is a clean, organic way to gently extract hemp oil while preserving its natural flavors. Stay away from companies that use butane or propane to extract their hemp oil! And make sure the CBD product passes its lab test for residual solvents.

When looking at CBD oil products on Amazon, they may not include all of the manufacturing information. Consequently, you may inadvertently buy a product that is not safe, or it may not work.

 Full Spectrum vs THC Free

Studies have shown that CBD oil works best when it contains the small amount of THC. The compounds work together in an “entourage effect” to provide the maximum health benefit attributed to cannabis oil. CBD oil users do not experience the intoxicating effect associated with being “high.” 

When all of these compounds are present in an oil it is called a “full spectrum” oil. Some companies remove the THC, creating a “broad spectrum.” There are also oils that only contain CBD. These are called “CBD isolate.” That's not what you want. You want to look for a full spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Oil on Amazon

When it comes to CBD oil, Amazon does not have their customers’ best interests in mind. Amazon’s hemp labeling polices protect Amazon, not its customers. So maybe consider buying your CBD from the source.

Cornbread Hemp is a family-owned company that works with Kentucky organic farmers. We strive to provide our customers with the safest and most effective CBD hemp oil available. All of our products are manufactured from non-GMO organic hemp grown in the heart of the Bluegrass.

Cornbread Hemp’s CBD oil tinctures contain hemp extract that was produced using organic sugarcane ethanol as a gentle solvent. Our organic hemp extract is mixed with organic MCT coconut oil. This allows us to carry the USDA organic seal on our CBD oils. 

Third Party Lab Reports

Cornbread Hemp posts full lab reports from third parties on our website. We include the results from all safety and potency tests, ensuring full transparency on all of their products.

In this way, Cornbread Hemp products are guaranteed to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbials, and residual solvents.

QR Codes and Holographic Labels

Every Cornbread Hemp product package has a scannable QR code that allows easy access to the product’s lab reports. This shows a commitment to safety and transparency that is hard to find on Amazon. On top of that, Cornbread Hemp takes security one step further by adding holograms from CannVerify. This ensures that the product is not a counterfeit.

A CBD Brand You Can Trust

All of Cornbread Hemp’s products are made with full spectrum CBD oil for maximum efficacy. Hundreds of reviewers confirm that they have found comfort using Cornbread Hemp’s products.

CBD Oil for Dogs Amazon

Cornbread Hemp also makes a CBD oil for pets! Dog and cat owners can use Cornbread Hemp’s Pet Oil to help their furry companions live their best lives.

It’s Simple: Don’t Buy CBD Oil on Amazon

When you want to buy CBD oil Amazon is rife with fake or misleading CBD hemp oil products. To ensure that you are not wasting your money on an ineffective or dangerous product, don’t buy CBD on Amazon.

Cornbread Hemp removes the risks of purchasing CBD oil online with safe, high quality products that are USDA certified organic and third party lab tested to prove it. And we ship via UPS to get it to you as quickly as you need it.

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The best way to avoid fake CBD products is to purchase from a reputable source like Cornbread Hemp. We post full lab reports from third parties on our website, ensuring that all of our products are safe and effective. We also include the results from all safety and potency tests, so you know what you're getting.

There are real CBD products on Amazon, like the ones from Cornbread Hemp. However, there are many fake or misleading products being sold on the site. Instead, consider buying directly from a company like Cornbread Hemp that is committed to transparency and safety.

No - you do not need a doctor's prescription or any documentation in order to purchase CBD oil. Just like other types of supplements, there is no requirement for prescriptions. That said, it's always best to consult your doctor if you have serious medical concerns.