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One of our top selling products, Cornbread Hemp's CBD capsules are known for their potent levels of CBDa, minor cannabinoids, and up to 0.3% THC. Made from sun-grown Kentucky hemp, these full spectrum CBD capsules contain 25mg of CBD per serving. 


Cornbread Hemp’s CBD capsules are free of preservatives, sweeteners, GMO’s, and gluten. To ensure the highest level of safety and transparency, every item is protected by seed-to-sale tracking, a tamper-proof seal, and third party lab reports. Read reviews.


CBD Capsules for Sale

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About Our CBD Gel Capsules
Cornbread Hemp™ CBD capsules contain Kentucky-grown, non-GMO hemp extract rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and less than 0.3% THC.

Just like our full spectrum CBD oil, our quality CBD softgels are tested for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and more.

CBD capsules for sale from Cornbread Hemp
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How to Use CBD Softgels
Cornbread Hemp™ CBD capsules can be taken both in the morning and at night.
Take 1-3 gel capsules per day depending on your specific needs. Adjust your dose up or down by one CBD pill after 3-4 weeks of consistent daily use at the same serving size.
Storing your Capsules
Store your CBD capsules away from heat and light in a cool, dry place. Keep them away from extreme temperatures to avoid melting them together.

Flying with Cornbread Hemp™ CBD products is perfectly safe! Our hemp CBD oils are Farm Bill compliant with less than 0.3% THC, making our CBD legal across the United States.

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How Our CBD Capsules Are Made
We start with clean, Kentucky soil that is free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Then we raise our hemp plants to be as potent as the law allows.

After harvest, we separate the flowers from the hemp plants before we begin the extraction process. After extraction, we blend the hemp oil with organic MCT oil to create the final product.

Where to find CBD Capsules
Cornbread Hemp™ prides itself on our top-notch customer service, lab results, non-GMO USDA organic CBD, and nearly a thousand customer reviews.
Every purchase is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee. If you buy our CBD capsules and are unsatisfied for any reason, return them for a full refund.
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Third Party Lab Tests

We never ship any CBD product without testing it for heavy metals, pesticides, and more. Our lab test results confirm that our CBD oil has no more than 0.3% THC, and that they contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

The best full spectrum CBD capsules contain a wide range of beneficial phytocannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and up to 0.3% THC. Many CBD softgels are made with broad spectrum CBD extract or CBD isolate, which has had the THC removed from the natural extract. Research suggests that the entourage effect associated with full spectrum CBD capsules could be more profound than that of THC-free CBD capsules.

CBD products must contain below 0.3% THC by law, which is not enough THC to make someone feel high. Preliminary studies do suggest that full spectrum CBD may be considered psychoactive, as it may have an effect on mood, sleep, and focus. This is not to be confused with a euphoric high associated with marijuana.

The answer to how many CBD capsules you should take depends on varibles including your height and weight, previous CBD or cannabis use, and even your diet. The best part about taking CBD capsules is the precise dose in each capsule. Take one capsule per day to start, and increase slowly as needed.

How long CBD capsules take to work varies based on your wellness goals and why you are taking CBD in the first place, and your method of delivery. Someone taking CBD capsules at night for pain relief may need a longer period of time to feel the benefits when compared to someone taking CBD for everyday anxiety and sleep support.

CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are completely legal to ship across the United States. At Cornbread Hemp, we make all of our products to be as potent as the law allows. That means that our products contain as much CBD, THC, and cannabinoid content as we possibly can, without going over the legal limit.

Hemp oil and CBD oil can be confusing because the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. However, some companies have come to take advantage of this by selling products labeled as hemp oil, but acting as if the products still contain CBD. To be safe, make sure to look for a third-party lab report on any CBD product you purchase to make sure it contains the correct amount of CBD content.

The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors that exists in all animals, not just humans. These receptors bind with cannabinoids that our body already produces internally. It just so happens that the cannabis plant is the only plant species known to man that also produces these important molecules. Our ECS responds to these cannabinoids by regulating balance, homeostasis, and general wellness.

Early studies suggest that cannabis extracts that contain the entire spectrum of cannabinoids may provide more relief than THC-free producuts made from broad spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. That's why our entire line of certified organic CBD products is made with the full spectrum, and that's the way nature wants it to be.Early research suggests that hempt enough to make someone feel high from taking a CBD tincture.

Not enough research has been completed by medical professonials to definitively say if CBD may cause side effects. However, anecdotal reports from customer reviewes suggest that CBD has very little side effects, including dry mouth, increased appetitie, and drowsiness. If you have reservations about trying CBD oil, you might want to browse our selection of full spectrum certified organic CBD topicals. They're perfect for on-the-spot relief from muscle and joint discomfort!

Full spectrum CBD capsules contain no more than 0.3% THC, which is enough to cause afailed drug test. If you have a job that requires you to be drug tested for THC, make sure to speak with your healthcare provider and HR department before beginning to use full spectrum CBD products.

Taking too many CBD capsules may cause you to have a small stomach ache, or to feel a bit sleepy or too relaxed. However, taking too many CBD capsules will not result in a CBD overdose. To date, not a single person has ever reported an overdose from CBD. To make sure you take the correct dose, start small and work your way up over the first few weeks to one month.

Most people are confused about the difference between hemp vs marijuana, and rightfully so! Hemp and marijuana plants look, smell, and taste exactly alike. The only way to decipher which one is which is with a chemical lab test. That's because hemp and marijuana look, smell, and taste identical. If you saw a field of hemp next to a field of marijuana, you'd never know which was which!

CBD capsules do expire, but that's not a bad thing! CBD consumers deserve to have fresh, effective, full spectrum products that do not contain fillers, preservatives, or artifical flavoring. CBD products that are free of preservatives may expire more quickly than other low quality CBD products.

Anecdotal reports suggest that full spectrum CBD capsules may provide a sense of relaxation and calm during stressful moments, support a healthy sleep cycle, and may also provide relief from everyday aches and pains. How CBD capsules will make you feel can also depend on your past experiences with cannabis, your diet, and your height and weight.

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