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Is CBD Legal In Ohio? Ask An Expert


Finding legal hemp-derived CBD in Ohio can be confusing. Even though full spectrum CBD products are legal nationwide, there’s still some confusion on CBD laws in Ohio, and where to buy CBD oil in Ohio. So, is CBD oil legal in Ohio? In 2019, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy made some strange rules that they later rescinded. But those temporary rules created confusion that still lingers to this day. So, we wrote this helpful post to set the record straight about CBD laws in Ohio.

In December 2018, Congress passed the Agricultural Improvement Act, otherwise known as the Farm Bill. The Farm Bill is an appropriations bill passed every few years that funds the entire United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA. 

Congress made the first step to legalize hemp with the U.S Farm Bill of 2014. In that legislation, members of Congress inserted a one-page provision to legalize the hemp plant as pilot programs.

Congress changed the definition of hemp to mean any cannabis plant with a THC level of no more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. This facilitated the commercial cultivation, processing, and marketing of cannabis hemp plants nationwide.

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill enabled hemp cultivation to become an economical, multipurpose super-crop like hemp was in the past. Cornbread Hemp hopes that the Farm Bill will be the first step towards broader cannabis reform across the nation. So rest assured, buying CBD products is totally legal at the federal level.

What Does CBD Oil Do?

Cannabidiol CBD, a hemp derivative, works by balancing the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, a recently discovered network of receptors that overlays the nervous system. The ECS appears to control many different functions in the body.

Cannabidiol CBD is one of about 150 chemical compounds found in hemp. These compounds, called phytocannabinoids, seem to interact with receptors throughout the ECS. CBD’s effect on the ECS is different than the effect of THC, which affects receptors in the brain and produces a euphoric effect. Full spectrum CBD oil that contains no more than 0.3 percent THC is not enough to get you high

The effect caused by all of the cannabinoids working together is called the "entourage effect." The entourage effect can only occur when all of the cannabis plant compounds, including trace amounts of THC, are present. This is why broad spectrum CBD products, and pure CBD isolate hemp products do not work as effectively as full spectrum CBD oil, since they cannot produce the entourage effect. 

Any side effects associated with CBD oil use are mild. You cannot overdose on CBD oil, and it is non-addictive. Be sure to talk to your doctor before using CBD with your prescription medications.

Is Marijuana Legal in Ohio?

In 2016, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 523 effective in September of that year, which officially legalized medical marijuana in the Buckeye State. Ohio's medical marijuana program became fully operational in September 2018. Ohio residents deemed eligible by their doctors can obtain a medical marijuana card and purchase full-strength THC marijuana at dispensaries that are licensed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

But the Ohio Board of Pharmacy declared in August 2018 that only licensed medical cannabis dispensaries could sell CBD in Ohio. This caused a great deal of confusion, especially since the Board of Pharmacies only had jurisdiction over pharmacies selling marijuana products, not the many other types of retail stores selling legal hemp CBD oil.

To no one’s surprise, many of these stores continued selling CBD products despite the ruling from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. But to clarify things, a new bill made its way through the Ohio legislature regarding Ohio hemp CBD oil sales. In July 2019, Governor Mike DeWine signed Ohio Senate Bill 57, which officially legalized the sale of hemp oil in Ohio, and the possession of full spectrum hemp-derived CBD products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC without needing a license or a prescription.

Why Choose CBD if Marijuana is Legal?

Why would someone want to use a CBD product in Ohio where medical marijuana is legal? It’s a common question since many people still think of CBD products as simply weaker versions of full-strength cannabis marijuana. There are multiple reasons why someone might choose CBD products over marijuana. 

For starters, medical marijuana in Ohio is only obtainable by people who meet a strict criteria for the program. First, you must make an appointment with a doctor. Then, the doctor will only approve patients for a medical cannabis card by diagnosing them with a condition on a very specific list of ailments. Further, the card comes with a fee. And the prescription and the card must be kept up to date. And finally, patients can only purchase the product at a state-licensed dispensary, limiting its accessibility.

Since the passage of SB 57, Ohioans can legally find CBD products practically anywhere not just in licensed dispensaries. CBD oil does not require a prescription or a license to purchase. And aside from being more accessible, many people want to experience cannabis comfort without compromising their sobriety.

Another important point is from the 2019 survey from Gallup that found 14 percent of Americans purchase CBD products. But when you look at the breakdown by region, those numbers increase to 21 percent in western states, where marijuana is legal, compared to only 11 percent in the eastern US. This seems to indicate that CBD derived from hemp is even more popular in places where marijuana is legal.

Where Can I Buy the Best CBD Oil in Ohio?

The market is flooded with CBD products including CBD oilscapsulestopicals, and so much more. And new CBD companies are popping up overnight all the time! It can hard to tell which brand makes legitimate, high quality CBD products in proper facilities, and which brand is making bathtub CBD in their backyard. 

Therefore, it is important to find a brand that provides a high-grade CBD oil from the best hemp sources available. Make certain that the manufacturer follows the law by not exceeding 0.3 percent THC in their hemp products. Look for full lab reports that are easy to access. The CBD market is still considered the “Wild West” because there are no FDA regulations yet. The only program available at the federal level that ensures safe CBD products is USDA organic certification. 

Look for hemp derived CBD products that are USDA certified organic for the safest and best quality CBD oils. These hemp products should also have a QR code on the packaging that links to lab test results.

If you’re looking to purchase CBD in Ohio and you are in the Cincinnati area, visit any one of these CBD retailers who stock Cornbread Hemp products: Toomey Natural FoodsOhio CBD Guy, and Clifton Natural Foods. Can't find Cornbread Hemp near you? Order online for fast shipping, or encourage your local health food store to reach out to us on our wholesale page to carry us!

Can You Mail CBD Oil to Ohio?

Yes! It is perfectly legal to receive hemp-derived CBD oil in the mail, according to the US Postal Service and UPS. And the best place to order CBD oils online is from Cornbread Hemp in Kentucky. 

Kentucky, Ohio's southern neighbor, is historically known for producing the best hemp plants in the country. The Bluegrass State possesses the perfect climate and mineral rich water supply for sustainable hemp cultivation. Cornbread Hemp works with Kentucky hemp growers who specialize in farming USDA certified organic hemp. This ensures that only the highest quality organic extracts make it into our hemp products.

Cornbread Hemp doesn't use CO2 extraction. We use organic sugarcane ethanol as a solvent to gently remove full spectrum phytocannabinoids from hemp flowers. This extraction process, along with excluding leaves and stems, leaves our CBD oil and CBD gummies smooth tasting with no harsh aftertaste.  

Cornbread Hemp has all our Kentucky-grown hemp products third party lab tested to guarantee that nothing exceeds 0.3 percent THC. We also test for pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and other contaminants. All third party lab reports are readily available on our website and via QR code on all packaging.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Ohio in 2021?

Ohio deserves credit as one of the first midwestern states to legalize medical marijuana. But they sure made Ohio CBD legalization more confusing than necessary. The up-to-date state laws dictate that Ohioans can legally purchase hemp-derived CBD oils and CBD creams anywhere across the state of Ohio. And CBD can be sold anywhere, not just in licensed dispensaries. 

However, it remains important to research CBD brands to make sure you are getting a trustworthy CBD product. The good news is: you do not have to look far to find CBD that you can trust! See what people are saying on our reviews page.

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Yes. CBD is Legal in Ohio. It is legal to purchase, possess and consume for all persons over 18 with a doctor's recommendation.

Ohio has legalized medical marijuana for patients but it is important to note that one must first be approved by a physician before being allowed to apply for a medical marijuana card.

Yes, minors are able to purchase and use CBD products if their doctor approves them for usage. There is no age limit where it concerns CBD usage, as long as the minor is approved by a physician.