zebra cbd vs cornbread hemp

Zebra CBD Vs Cornbread Hemp

Is Cornbread Hemp better than Zebra CBD? 

Zebra CBD and Cornbread Hemp CBD are two CBD companies that are more alike than they are dissimilar. They both exclusively create full spectrum CBD oils and other CBD products. They both value organic materials. Both Zebra and Cornbread use MCT coconut oil as their carrier oil. These CBD brands compete in the online marketplace. Here are some of the CBD brands' similarities and differences. 


Both Zebra and Cornbread Hemp CBD companies work with organic materials, but only Cornbread Hemp is USDA certified organic CBD. Becoming certified organic CBD is no easy task. No laws or regulations exist around using the word "organic" or "organically-grown" outside of the purview of the USDA organic program, which regulates the use of the USDA Organic seal. That's why companies like Cornbread Hemp must go through the rigorous process of being certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture — it's the only way to prove that a product is truly organic.

The USDA organic seal is the only way to prove that products were actually made according to the organic standards required by the USDA. Those standards include, no synthetic pesticides, no synthetic fertilizer, the use of regenerative agriculture, certified organic materials, and certified organic facilities.


Both companies offer full spectrum CBD products including full spectrum CBD oil and gummies. Neither offers anything less than full spectrum, so no broad spectrum CBD oil and no CBD isolate.

Everything at Cornbread Hemp is made from full spectrum CBD oil and as few other ingredients as possible. The company strives to let their customers experience something as close to the plant as possible. And because Cornbread Hemp uses the Flower Only™ of the hemp plant, the taste of their full spectrum CBD oils is earthy and natural. No need to cover up the taste. Cornbread also offers a flavorless CBD capsule for those who would like to avoid the earthy flavor or just need something easier to take on the go.

Zebra CBD tends to add a bunch of things to their products. They offer mint flavoring in oils and their CBD tablets have balms, gamma-aminobutyric acid, L-theanine, along with a bunch of other additives! Zebra CBD also mixes its CBD products with botanicals and vitamins, even caffeine!

The good new is, neither company offers CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD.

zebra cbd vs cornbread cbd


CBD gummies are the most popular way to get your daily does of CBD. So lets look at Cornbread Hemp's CBD hemp gummies vs Zebra's CBD gummies. Zebra's CBD gummies have only comin one strength, with 30mg of CBD in them. Cornbread has two strengths in its gummies-- 10 mg and 50 mg. Zebra CBD has a wide product range that is meant to enhance specific benefits. Cornbread Hemp only offers one type of gummy which is designed to provide as many benefits as possible. Why have 4 different gummy bottles hanging out when you can have one that does it all? And for other great edible CBD options, check out Cornbread's full spectrum CBD pills.


Both companies are looking out for your doggo! Zebra CBD offers 4 different products for your dog - but your dog only. Cornbread's Corndog Oil is formulated for all of your pets. Adjust dosage size depending on the size of the animal, they provide this handy chart, and your good to go! Corndog oil is formulated to promote health in all the ways that Zebra CBD's entire product line is. Both of the companies avoid using brad spectrum and cbd isolate in any of their CBD products for pets.


Cornbread Hemp prides itself on offering CBD that is made from the Flower Only™ of the hemp plant. The flower is where most of the CBD is located in the plant. The stems, seeds, leaves and stalks of the hemp plant contain very little CBD. When distilled into CBD oil, those parts are basically filler. They give the CBD a bitter taste.

Most companies opt to flavor their CBD oil and other products to mask the natural flavor of the whole plant oil. Not Cornbread; the company embraces the natural flavor of the flower, which has an earthy, green taste. Zebra CBD oils use mint to hide the bitter taste that comes from using the entire plant. That's one major reason why Cornbread Hemp's CBD oil with THC is trusted by more than 100,000 customers nationwide.


Zebra CBD and Cornbread Hemp both use an ethanol extraction process to release the CBD extract from the hemp plant. They both then mix the extract with MCT coconut oil. This MCT oil is an exemplary delivery system for CBD, which is very fat friendly.


Both Zebra and Cornbread Hemp offer a solid money back guarantee. Zebra's is a 90-day guarantee, and Cornbread Hemp's is 30-day money back guarantee. But Zebra says you'll see your money back in 1-2 weeks after they receive your return; at Cornbread Hemp, the money is available to you as fast as your bank will process it once they get your return.

Also, at Zebra, you have to pay for return shipping. Cornbread Hemp sends you a pre-paid return label via email.

After you've placed your order with Zebra, there are no cancellations or changes. As long as you contact Cornbread Hemp before your product has shipped, they are happy to entertain changes and cancellations.

zebra cbd gummies


Zebra and Cornbread Hemp publish customer reviews and appear to publish them no matter if they are positive or negative feedback. This is the "right thing to do," according to Kate Bould at Yotpo, a review and loyalty software company. She writes about it in the company blog, "not posting your negative reviews could be considered deceptive or misleading and could get you in trouble with governmental/regulatory agencies." Bad reviews make the good reviews seem more trustworthy, she says.1


Both companies do their best to provide free CBD education via educational blogs. You can learn a lot about the companies, CBD in general, CBD trends, the companies' products, and more on these blogs. Both appear to publish new content on a regular basis and answer frequently asked questions.


Both companies publish their certifications of analysis (COAs) on their websites, inviting all customers and potential customers to view their third party lab tests results. This is important because CBD is unregulated, and companies need to be as transparent as possible to earn their customers' trust. 

COAs tell you what is in your CBD products: cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. They also tell you if there is anything in your CBD that you don't want there: heavy metals, solvents, microbial, etc.


On Zebra CBD's "Our Story" page on their website, you learn that the CEO's name is Chris Jacob and that he has a brother-in-law who had to stop taking CBD, because it was so expensive. That's not much of a story. There's a video that is basically a 1:30 minute ad for the products. The "about us" narrative is strictly about the business. Is that a photo of Jacob at the top or are they just models? You have to go to the "Contact Us" page to find out that they're in La Jolla, Ca. Where's the hemp grown? On different pages it says Oregon, Kentucky, and California. Different states for different products? It's unclear.

On Cornbread Hemp's "Our Story" page there are three videos with a total of nearly 10 minutes of runtime to not only orient yourself to the business but "meet" the founders, cousins Jim and Eric, learn about their ethos and why they started the company, look into their production methods, acquaint yourself with their Flower Only extraction process and why it makes a difference, and more. You learn that Kentucky is one of the best places in the world to grow cannabis, that Jim wrote the book on Kentucky's underground cannabis business, and that Jim and Eric are proud of their Kentucky roots. That's where the hemp is grown. That's where the company is located.

Cornbread Hemp's Mission: Our mission is to improve your quality of life.


Cornbread hemp is focused on CBD quality not quantity. If its not the best on the market its not on the shop page. Zebra CBD seems to be more interested in offering a quantity of things, they may not be top tier, but hey! There are more things to buy! Who has the best CBD oil? You be the judge.


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Jim is a native of Lebanon, Kentucky. He holds degrees from Centre College, Brown University, and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Jim published Cornbread Mafia in 2012 before co-founding Cornbread Hemp. Full author bio here.


Zebra CBD is a full spectrum CBD company located in California. Their product line includes a lot of different flavors and additives that effect the quality of the CBD. While they are full spectrum they are not Flower Only.

Zebra CBD offers one rub with Lavender and rosemary additives for scent. Their rub 500mg of CBD for about 50 dollars. Cornbread Hemp offers 3 USDA Organic topicals all 500mg of CBD and THC. Mint is added to two of the products for immediate relief.

Zebra CBD is full spectrum CBD, but it is not whole flower oil. Most hemp and CBD companies use the whole hemp plant in order to lower the production cost of their products. These fillers effect the taste, quality, and effectiveness of the final product.  


Bould, Kate. "The Importance of Publishing all your Reviews, Even the Bad Ones." Yotpo. Published: 22 Sep. 2020. Accessed: 8 April 2022.https://www.yotpo.com/resources/importance-of-publishing-all-reviews-even-bad-ones/