USDA Organic CBD Oil Subscriptions

CBD subscription program!

Cornbread Hemp is announcing a subscription option! For every customer that subscribes, you will receive 15% off + FREE shipping on every subscription order!  

To subscribe to your favorite product, select it on the shop page and then click “subscribe and save” on the individual product page.

How it works:

Step 1:


Select your favorite Cornbread Hemp items and choose the “Subscribe & Save” option before adding the item to your cart.

Step 2:


After your first purchase, your order will automatically re-process each month on the same day as your first purchase.

Step 3:


Want to pause, skip, or change up products? No problem. Simply log in to your account and click “Subscriptions.”

common questions

There are two ways to start your subscription:

  1. Create an account by clicking “Sign-In” at the top of any page, then select “Create an Account.” Enter your information then click Submit. Now, start shopping!
  2. When selecting the product size on any product page, select “Subscribe and Save” and choose the frequency before adding the product to your cart. When you check out, you’ll need to create an account with a password to complete your subscription order.

Once you place your first order, you will then begin to receive your subscription orders on the same day of the following month.

To update or change the credit card associated with your subscription, log into your Cornbread Hemp account and click the “My Credit Cards” tab in the customer account view. Add, remove or update your credit card information. After making changes to your credit card in the “My Credit Card” tab, you’ll need to associate that card with your subscription. To do so, click the “My Product Subscriptions” tab and associate your credit card to your subscription.

Every subscription order you place with us will automatically receive free shipping every time!

Yes! You earn Cornbread Hemp Reward Points on both one-time purchase and subscription orders. Reward Points earned from subscriptions can only be redeemed on non-subscription product purchases. Rewards Points cannot be redeemed to an order with a combination of one-time purchases + subscription order in the cart. Use your reward points to try new products before starting another subscription. We suggest redeeming your points at regular intervals, as they expire 365 days after earning them.

  • Cannot combine other promotions, discounts or limited time offerings with the standard 15% discount on all subscription orders
  • Bundles and bulk products that are already discounted are not available for subscription


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