The Cornbread Mafia - Paperback

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The national bestselling account of the biggest marijuana bust in American history, set in central Kentucky. Revised paperback (2019).
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The South's "cartel." This true tale of the rise of the Kentucky Pot Barons, is just plain incredible, and is begging to be made into a movie. The scope, ingenuity, and depth of their renegade rebel operation just boggles the mind. This real account is the stuff of legends. If you enjoy reading about outlaws, cartels, or just plain American badasses, this is the book for you. I can't wait for someone to make this into a movie.

Doug Tull

Great read!

Gerard M. St-cyr

Awesome book! I think anyone from a small town can relate to this, people who know someone who knew someone type of thing. It is a good book, I am from the area the book is mainly written about. I do believe it's more of a small town, close neighbors type of reader who can relate.. Prohibition fascinates me, this book did as well!


This chronicles a real life "A Country Boy Can Survive". Just like alcohol prohibition, the marijuana prohibition was and is highly unsuccessful. After living on the edge of this area and reading this story I have a greater understanding of rural Kentucky and have a better understanding of the why things are the way they are. Its a great read.

Jeffrey Dible