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Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil


Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil

Nighttime Comfort:
With a natural hemp flavor and rich amber color, this organic CBD oil contains the highest legal levels of THC and minor cannabinoids for nighttime comfort.

Product Overview

About our Whole Flower CBD Oil

Our flagship product, this full spectrum CBD oil contains the widest range of cannabinoids and terpenes in their natural ratios, including the highest legal levels of THC. Extracted only from the flower of our USDA organic hemp plants, it's the best tasting all natural CBD oil available. Read reviews.

CBD to THC Ratio: CBD 22:1 THC

Terpenes: trans-Caryophyllene, alpha-Humelene, alpha-Bisabolol

Ingredients: Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp Extract.

  • Popular for nighttime comfort
  • Flower-only organic extraction (no stems or leaves)
  • Third-party, ISO certified lab tests on every batch
  • USDA certified organic


  • Extra Strength 50MG/ML = 30 Servings, 1,500MG total
  • Original 25MG/ML = 30 Servings, 750MG total
  • Half Size 25MG/ML = 15 Servings, 375MG total

Directions for Use

  • Place your desired dose under your tongue
  • Hold under tongue for at least 30 seconds
  • Coat the inside of your mouth, gums, and cheeks
  • Swallow any oil that remains
  • One serving is 1ml, or one full dropper, and has four markings (0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1ml) to accurately measure any serving size.
Whole Flower USDA Organic CBD Oil

Whole Flower CBD Oil FAQ's

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is made by taking a high CBD hemp plant that is below 0.3% THC and extracting the cannabinoids. This hemp extract is then mixed with a carrier oil like MCT coconut oil or hempseed oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids in their natural ratios, including THC, which work in tandem with our endocannabinoid system.

Can CBD oil make you high?

No, CBD oil won't get you high. CBD does not bind with the receptors in the brain like THC does, which is why CBD is not considered to be an intoxicant.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work?

How long CBD takes to work depends on what you are taking it for. Give yourself at least 4 weeks of consistent daily use before evaluating your comfort levels. Most of our customers report back after 2-4 weeks of use. The most important factor in your success is a consistent daily routine, knowing your dose, and giving it some time to work!

How is Whole Flower CBD Oil made?

We start by separating our CBD-rich hemp flowers from the stalk. Then those flowers undergo an organic sugarcane ethanol extraction. Rather than processing it any further, we keep every bit of naturally occurring full spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids, and other wholesome hemp goodness. This gives our whole flower formula a natural amber color and a robust hemp flavor. That's why we call it "whole flower."

Why choose Whole Flower CBD Oil?

Because we use the first pass of our USDA organic hemp extract to make this full spectrum CBD oil, it contains the highest level of THC that is allowed in CBD oil. For that reason, many of our customers choose to take the Whole Flower CBD Oil at nighttime or before bed. For daytime comfort, try our Distilled CBD Oil, with less THC and a lighter terpene profile.

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