CBD Lotion + Menthol - 500mg


CBD Lotion + Menthol - 500mg


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We’ve combined a luxury body lotion with menthol and our full spectrum distilled hemp extract to create the most potent CBD lotion available. Our 500mg CBD lotion contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including a legal dose of THC. Because we’ve distilled out the waxes and chlorophyll from the hemp extract, our lotion penetrates quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind.

Kentucky-Grown Hemp
500mg CBD Per Bottle (1.7oz)


Product Benefits

To soothe your muscles and joints from aches and pains, we blended a premium body lotion with 500mg of our signature full spectrum distilled hemp extract, menthol (an FDA-approved pain-reliever) and natural terpenes. Check out our lab reports below to see all of the full spectrum cannabinoids present in our lotion.

Our full spectrum hemp lotion has been reviewed by hundreds of verified customers for:

      • Inflammation support*
      • Muscle and joint relief*

Key Ingredients

  • Kentucky-grown hemp
  • Sativa terpenes
  • Menthol
  • Body Lotion


For Best Results

  • Apply as needed throughout the day and night.
  • Not intended for use on the face, avoid contact with eyes. Contains menthol to soothe your muscles, but could be painful if this gets into your eyes.

Our hemp CBD lotion comes in a 50 ml vacuum pump that dispenses an exact dose of 4mg of CBD per pump. Our bottle contains a vacuum sealed disk that raises with each pump and prevents any leftover waste in the bottle. With daily use, this should last you about a month.


Store in cool, dark place.

Lab Certificate