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Third party lab tests have been conducted by Digipath Labs in Las Vegas, Nevada. Every product has been thoroughly vetted to ensure there are no pesticides, foreign materials, heavy metals, mycotoxins or microbials and that the CBD content is true-to-label, packed with terpenes and below 0.3% THC.

750mg Natural Oil:
Batch CB032801-01

Batch CB070901-01

250mg Corndog Pet Oil:
Batch CB032802-01

Batch CB070902-01

25mg Capsules:
Batch CB032803-01

Batch CB070903-01

200mg CBD Lotion: 

Batch CB032804-01

Batch CB071104-01

75mg Headache & Stress Essential Oils:
Batch CB032805-01

Batch CB071105-01

500mg CBD Lotion for Pain: 
Batch CB071106-01

75mg Calm & Relax Essential Oils: 
Batch CB071107-01



Digipath Labs Seal