America's Finest Hemp Since 1775

Why Kentucky CBD OIL?

When it comes to producing the highest quality CBD oil, we choose to source our products only from naturally grown organic Kentucky hemp farms. Why? Kentucky sits on a massive limestone rock bed that provides some of the most nutritious soil and water known to man. It's the same reason that we're famous for bourbon and the fastest racehorses on Earth.

But there is one other major reason that hemp grows so luxuriously in Kentucky. We're perfectly positioned on the 37th parallel, the same latitude line that runs through the Hindu Kush mountains (seriously). Check out the video below to learn more.

America's Finest Hemp Since 1775

Why is Kentucky CBD OIL the best?

37th Parallel

The same longitude line that runs through the Hindu Kush.

World's Finest Water

It's the same reason Kentucky produces the best bourbon.

Nutrient Rich Soil

We raise the fastest horses on Earth, and the finest hemp.

Experienced Farmers

We've learned a thing or two over these last 200 years.


Kentucky's First Hemp Plant

Planted in Clarks Run Creek near Danville, KY


70 Men Arrested For Cultivation

Authorities called them the Cornbread Mafia


Hemp Is Legal

Hemp business is finally legal again in Kentucky

“By 1943, Kentucky farmers were growing 52,000 acres of hemp — among the most of any state. After the war, Kentucky production remained steady, but halted in 1970 when President Nixon launched the so-called war on drugs by signing the Controlled Substances Act, making hemp illegal.”