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Made in Kentucky

When it comes to producing the highest quality CBD oil, we choose to source our products only from naturally grown organic Kentucky hemp farms. Why? Kentucky sits on a massive limestone rock bed that provides some of the most nutritious soil and water known to man. It’s the same reason that our state is famous for the finest bourbon and the fastest racehorses on Earth.

 But there is one other major reason that industrial hemp grows so luxuriously in Kentucky. We’re perfectly positioned on the 37th parallel, the same latitude line that runs through the Hindu Kush mountains (seriously). Check out the info below to learn more about why Kentucky produces the best full spectrum CBD products.
It’s the same reason Kentucky produces the best bourbon. What does CBD oil have to do with Kentucky bourbon? It might not seem obvious, but the answer is very simple: the water. The primary geological feature of central Kentucky is the Bluegrass basin, which is actually the bed of a prehistoric ocean. All the living material in that ocean fell to the ocean floor and became the limestone bedrock of the Bluegrass basin.

The limestone bedrock filters iron from the groundwater, and leaves it heavy with calcium and magnesium. This gives Kentucky water a “sweet” taste and doesn’t discolor our whiskey like iron-heavy water does. It also helps us provide the finest CBD oils and CBD capsules available.
Yes, the limestone-filtered water plays a big role in why the hemp plant loves Kentucky. As a known bioaccumulator, hemp plants draw up all the nutrients in the soil in which it’s grown. In Kentucky, that makes hemp rich in calcium and magnesium.

But that’s not all. Kentucky also resides on the 37th parallel, which when traced to the other side of the world, crosses the Hindu Kush.

The Hindu Kush is the mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan and is the region where all indica strains of cannabis originated. That means that the light cycles in Kentucky are the same as in the Hindu Kush. But the Hindu Kush is a rugged, rocky mountainous region, and Kentucky is blessed with one of the greatest agricultural microclimates on Earth that is sustained by multi-generational family farms.

It’s no wonder that hemp loves Kentucky as much as it does.
We raise the fastest horses on Earth, and the finest full spectrum hemp. How does hemp relate to Kentucky race horses? Just like bourbon, the reason that Kentucky produces the fastest horses on Earth is due, in part, to the limestone-filtered water. The calcium deposits in the limestone-filtered water make their way into the grass that these horses graze upon in the horse farms of the Bluegrass region.

This calcium from the water makes the horses’ bones stronger, according to one theory, which gives them an edge over other horses from other parts of the world. It also makes our full spectrum hemp grow pretty damn good, too.
We’ve learned a thing or two over these last 200 years. Kentucky farmers being growing hemp in Danville, Kentucky in 1775. Since then, our state has lead the way in producing America’s finest outdoor hemp, even when it wasn’t legal. Thankfully, the Farm Bill of 2018 changed the hemp industry forever, making hemp below 0.3% legal in Kentucky (and all other states and territories).

Today, Cornbread Hemp proudly provides the first ever USDA certified organic CBD oils from Kentucky-grown hemp, and our commitment to producing Kentucky’s finest full spectrum CBD products has never been greater.
Kentucky's First Hemp Farm
Planted in Clarks Run Creek near Danville, KY
70 Men Arrested For Cultivation
Authorities called them The Cornbread Mafia
Farm Bill
Hemp is finally legal in Kentucky, customer service can resume
“By 1943, Kentucky farmers were growing 52,000 acres of hemp — among the most of any state. After the war, Kentucky production remained steady, but halted in 1970 when President Nixon launched the so-called war on drugs by signing the Controlled Substances Act, making hemp illegal.”