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What’s the Purest CBD Oil Look Like?

For any serious CBD brand, the marquee product must be their full spectrum CBD oil, unless they’re THC free of course. We worked for months to develop a process and a philosophy on how to create our full spectrum CBD oil tincture. It’s a process that is new in the hemp marketplace, but has been happening in Kentucky for centuries.

Our goal was to find the best methods to achieve the best outcomes. That’s why we chose to create our tincture with our signature Kentucky distillate. We don’t use any of the harsh crude oil that most brands use for their formulas. We take it a step further by distilling that crude oil down into a very refined, CBD-rich, full spectrum hemp oil. After that, we add or signature terpene profiles from the purest, landrace cannabis strains in the world.

How did we get here?

It started with flavor. We were unhappy with how every CBD tincture tasted. An all-natural tincture from cannabis doesn’t have to taste like a bale of hay. How can you feel good about the CBD you’re taking if you don’t like the flavor? And masking that underlying grassiness with mint or cinnamon? We weren’t interested in that. We wanted a natural taste and feel.

So we started exploring the crude oil distillation process, and that got us thinking about Kentucky bourbon. The reason there’s no agreement as to how to best make a CBD oil tincture is because there’s no history. The entire CBD oil market sprung from laboratories in Colorado just five or ten years ago, and evolved rapidly.

That was our light-bulb moment: the reason that Colorado hasn’t figured out which method of extraction is best is because they have no distillation experience. What does Kentucky know about distilling? It’s literally a global center for it. So at Cornbread HQ, we applied the best practices of Kentucky’s 200-year distilling tradition to cutting-edge cannabis science, and the results speak for themselves.

Any moonshiner can tell you that the middle of the distillate run is the best; in distiller lingo, that’s the “hearts.” The “heads” and “tails,” or the beginning and end of the distillate run always get thrown out. When we applied this methodology to the CBD distillation process, we got very good results. For hemp distillate, the “heads” of the run correspond to the terpenes, and so we pull those off and don’t use them. Between us, the terpene profiles of the federally legal high-CBD strains are less effective than the terpene profiles of natural cannabis strains. Those hemp terpenes are what gives other tinctures the heavy flavor of grass or damp hay, and that’s why we get rid of it. In house, we’ve been calling the results of the process our “golden hearts distillate,” because it comes out gold like honey from the heart of the run.

Then we asked another question: Why use inferior terpenes if we can source the best? Through a partnership with a local company, Cornbread is able to source non-cannabis-derived terpenes to match the terpene profile of any cannabis variety. So, we chose a pure landrace sativa strain to add back to our golden heart distillate, and the results place Cornbread high above the competition in the CBD tincture market. There’s just nothing else like us out there — a CBD oil made with Kentucky distillate and sativa terpenes that presents an aroma profile that is piney, floral, and herbal without being overpowering.

We have had feedback ranging from some who tell us it helps them sleep like a baby, to some who say the sativa terpenes stimulate them during the day. We have had a parent tell us she gives it to her son who has ADHD, and that he loves the flavor. Another parent gives Cornbread to his autistic daughter to calm her outbursts. Read reviews from real Cornbread customers here.

The Cornbread Difference

As you can see, our process is a little more complicated than most, and that means Cornbread might not be the cheapest. We’re not interested in selling the cheapest product we can find, we are working hard to climb to the top. Using the best methods of CO2 extraction available to us while leaning on 200 years of Kentucky bourbon distilling experience to lead the way.

That’s what sets Cornbread apart and what makes us different, even unique. Our 750 mg CBD oil is the perfect example of how this process translates into a superior product. And that’s what makes us Cornbread. 


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Cornbread hemp

Cornbread hemp

Kentucky's First Ever USDA Organic CBD Products

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