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Not tried yet

Still finishing up my last bottle. Will start on the Cornbread CDP oil next week

The taste was too strong for me!

CBD Oil for Pets

Does nothing

Does nothing for me but gives me bad breath! CBD oil is just another scam in my book.

Hey Michael, we are so sorry that you didn’t have a great experience this go around. Cornbread Hemp CBD products are certainly not a scam. We’ve spent thousands of hours making sure we have the best hemp farmers in Kentucky, the best organic CBD processor, and the best third party lab testing to check ourselves the whole way. This industry was built on the bravery of parents pushing for change after seeing what CBD oil did for their children with medical issues. Those honorable parents didn’t spend a decade fighting for access to CBD because of a scam or a placebo effect. They did so because this precious hemp plant provides serious medical benefits to our endocannabinoid system, which has been researched for hundreds of years. If you have any questions on how to properly take our products in order to make sure that work properly, please let us know. Thanks for your review!
Can you make it stronger

Why do you make it so weak

Hey John, we believe 25mg per dropper is the best dosage for a simple and easy to remember dosage. To up your dosage level, you could take one dropper in the morning and one at night. Or take two droppers all at once. Please let us know how you continue to progress!
My favorite CBD oil!!

I started using this CBD oil for pain. It’s wonderful! BONUS… While using for pain I realized it’s helping my anxiety. I highly recommend this CBD oil

Wow! Thank you so much for your feedback Linda! Your story has been shared with our team and will continue to help us feel inspired! We look forward to continuing to serve you.

I like it in the bottle why did you change?

Hey Murray, we changed to the tub because we had customers complain they could not tell when the bottle was running out. We also have some customers who have pain in their hands and they found it difficult to use the pumps. For these reasons, we decided to switch to the tub.
My husband love it

My husband has a herniated disc and is in pain a lot! This works for him instantly

More than what I expected

I love it, yes, it was more than I expected from CBD Oil…

Thanks Vicky! We’re so happy you’re enjoying our new product!
Cbd oil

My husband likes it

We’re so happy your husband is a fan of our products! Now we just need to get you feeling the same way… Come back and see us soon Lee Ann!

Whole Plant USDA Organic CBD Oil


Calm & Relax I ❤ this product!

Absolutely works! I am consistent to apply no less than 2× a day. And as often as I like throughout the day for periodic pain. I must say…I’ve not taken 1 OTC anti inflammatory pain reliver for 3 months. I promote the Natural Wellness benefits.
Thanks Cornbread Hemp.

Always great

I’ve ordered a few times and the product is always great. Well packaged and consistent.

Thanks so much for your review, William. We appreciate your feedback more than you know. If anything could ever be better, please reach out and let us know! We look forward to continuing to serve you.

This is the best CBD oil that I have tried! It doesn’t have a grassy taste either. I have tried CBD oil from several states and this is absolutely the best, Thank you!

You are so sweet, Janice! Thank you so much for your kind feedback. We are so thankful to have great customers like you who appreciate our hard work. You make it all worth it! We look forward to continuing to serve you. With gratitude – Team Cornbread
Is Has Menthol in It?

Maybe I’m just used to Icy Hot kind of stuff, but if this bottle didn’t say menthol on it, I wouldn’t know it’s in there. I was expecting at least a little bit of the heat/chill that menthol gives, but feel nothing. I’m not sure if the lotion is helping, beyond what I would expect from a placebo effect. It’s too bad. I was really hoping this stuff would help my husband.

Top notch

Very much impressed

Thanks Charles! We’re so thankful to have you as our customer. If anything could ever improve, just let us know!
Helping ..

I am a 73 yr old senior and have been on the CBD oil for a few weeks now .. due to having developed bursitis in my hip along with possible pinched nerve in lower back I was at the point of almost eating ibuprofen like candy .. I was told about the CBD oil from some friends. Since I have been on the oil my taking the ibuprofen has been reduced to once or twice a day .. and some days ‘none’ .. yea!! :-). Have to be honest .. the taste isn’t great but have tasted worse .. 🙂 🙂

Smooth as Silk

My wife loves using this lotion on her face. She says it makes her skin so soft.

Thanks Greg! We hope you two had a great Valentine’s Day. We look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come!
Resumed Use

I had taken a few months of the gel caps . They helped me ease into good sleep. Went a month or so without and had insomnia almost every night. So I reordered and restful sleep returned.

Thank you for a natural way to achieve calm and sleep.


Good results for sleeping.

Thanks Candace! Just as a reminder, five stars is the best, 1 star is the worst! 🙂
Great Stuff!

I’ve been using the full spectrum 750 for my lower back and arthritis pain with very good results. I decided to try the whole plant 750 and couldn’t see any appreciable difference. The taste is a little different, but not unpleasant.

Cbd oil

My husband takes the drops i prefer the pills but we love the cbd oil

No longer a skeptic

I purchased this for a 13 year old chihuahua with a chronic cough due to a collapsed trachea. After trying three other herbal supplements this is the one. This helps with the anxiety which typically triggers a coughing episode. What a difference this has made. Although her coughing spells are not completely gone, they have improved immensely. We can now all sleep through the night with minimal coughs if any. Thank you for a fabulous product.

I am so disappointed. I keep reading and hearing about all the great success people are having with this CBD and it does absolutely nothing for me. I have sciatic nerve pain and there is no relief when taking the CBD. I was so hopeful