The Power of Synergy: CBD and THC Working Together

The Power of Synergy: CBD and THC Working Together

Natural Love: CBD & THC Synergy

Can you feel it? It's the season of love. A time to think back and cherish the folks in our lives who we love the most. And for many of us, a time to slow down after the holidays to spend a moment making sure we are loving ourselves. But before we get all mushy, let's talk about the reason you're probably here reading this today, which is the synergistic relationship between CBD and THC.

If you love CBD, then you're probably already aware of its many potential health benefits. CBD can support healthy sleep, improve your mood, reduce everyday stress, and can relieve aches and pains from exercise-related inflammation.

However, one thing a lot of people don't know is that taking full spectrum CBD that includes THC can further enhance those benefits. That's all because of the synergistic relationship between the two cannabinoids. 

The Benefits of CBD and THC Together

While studies have shown that CBD alone offers many therapeutic benefits, it's been observed that when CBD is taken alongside THC, those benefits increase significantly. This phenomenon is called the "entourage effect," whereby CBD is the "star" and the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids act as its "entourage," tagging along and boosting CBD and its beneficial effects.

This metaphorical entourage may be small in size, but it’s large in diversity — and in effect. 

A 2015 Israeli study showed that full spectrum CBD extract (containing CBD as well as other cannabis compounds) was more effective than pure CBD isolate. The study's authors found that pure CBD had a smaller therapeutic range than CBD and THC combined, which made it difficult to find an effective dose for CBD isolate.

On the flip side, full spectrum CBD extract was observed to have a much broader dosing range. Plus, the CBD and THC extract worked just as well as CBD isolate at only a quarter of the dosing

The gist: Taking a CBD supplement that includes THC and other cannabis compounds will produce greater results than CBD taken by itself.

Love Yourself with the Best CBD & THC

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