What Makes Kentucky CBD Companies Unique? Kentucky Cannabis History

What makes Cornbread Hemp unique? We are the first brand from Kentucky to offer USDA certified organic CBD products. Kentucky holds a revered place in American hemp history because hemp has grown in Kentucky since 1775. Before the cannabis prohibition of the early 20th century, Kentucky was producing 90% of the nation's industrialized hemp.

Nurtured by the same limestone-filtered water that makes Kentucky bourbon the best whiskey on Earth, and situated on the 37th parallel, which offers the best light cycles for the cannabis plant, Kentucky is one of the best places in the world to sustainably grow hemp. And with USDA certified organic products, Cornbread Hemp provides the best that Kentucky hemp has to offer.

When you buy Cornbread Hemp, you know that the hemp in your CBD product wasn't sitting on a boat for weeks, and that it has a traceable line of safety countability right down to the day it was planted in organic, American soil. Check out the link above to learn more about why Kentucky is one of the best places on earth for hemp!