where to buy cbd oil in lexington

Where to buy CBD oil in Lexington

A helpful guide on where to buy CBD oil in Lexington

The public is finally catching on to the multiple benefits of CBD products. Those signs that say “We Sell CBD” are popping up on every corner in Lexington, just like everywhere else. With all of the options, you may have difficulty figuring out where to buy CBD oil in Lexington, Kentucky. Your favorite place will depend on your neighborhood, where you work, and your personal preferences — but we took the liberty of outlining five of our favorite sellers of CBD oil in Lexington. We chose these locations because of the quality of the products, staff helpfulness, and overall buying experience. We suggest that you try these places if you are wondering where to buy CBD in Lexington.

Good Foods Co-Op 

Good Foods is a co-op that was organized in 1972. They based their market model on the consumer cooperative movement that began in 19th century England. From its original locations within the homes of its original members, it has grown into a large sustainable local supermarket on Southland Drive.

Good Foods Co-op made this list not only because of their selection and deep connection to the community, but also because of their CBD educational classes. If you are just now searching for where to buy CBD in Lexington, the Good Foods CBD classes will teach you the history of hemp, how the human body’s endocannabinoid system works, and how CBD products can benefit your entire family. The class helps participants identify what they want from CBD and which product will be the best for their needs. This class offers a unique opportunity to learn about the product before you make your purchase.

Robert’s Health Foods 

This local health food store has been family owned for over 40 years, currently run by Sybil Roberts. Their stated mission is to “promote better health through understanding.” They sell products designed to prevent disease, slow aging, and help people maintain balance. Their product range includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, sports supplements, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, and yes, CBD. 

The advantage of getting your CBD in Lexington from Robert’s is the knowledgeable staff who can help you find the health products that will improve your life, including CBD. Robert’s Health Foods has a reputation for standing behind the products that they sell and keeping their customer’s health as their number one priority. Shopping at Robert’s is an intimate experience because of the store’s deep ties to the Lexington community. You can trust them to suggest the right CBD that will help you to regain and/or maintain balance. 

Purple Haze

Customers have come to appreciate Purple Haze as a great place to buy CBD in Lexington because of the personal connection that owner Ginny Boggs and her staff has established with their customers, especially those from near the UK campus. Purple Haze is known is a great smoke shop with excellent customer service. At Purple Haze, you’ll find an interesting mix of products and services. In addition to CBD, they also offer body jewelry, body piercing, vaporizers, full body detox, and much more. 

Purple Haze’s staff is well-versed in CBD, so they can often answer customers’ most detailed questions. They take the time to understand the CBD process so that they can help you find what you need to improve your life.

The Botany Bay 

The Botany Bay brags that it is, “the place to buy stuff to do things with.” Couple that slogan with the origin of the store’s name (any Star Trek fans?) and you know you have found a store with personality, just like its founder Ginny Savile.  Their inventory ranges from clothes and body jewelry to incense and disc golf equipment. With two locations, Botany Bay offers a variety of places to buy CBD in Lexington. 

But don’t let Botany Bay’s relaxed attitude fool you, they provide quality CBD products. Ginny’s staff understands the biological delivery method of CBD, and how that can influence which CBD products you need to achieve the effects you desire. The staff is friendly and very relaxed. They can help you to find CBD that will fit into your life best. 

Herbal Health & Wellness

Herbal Health and Wellness is the only dedicated CBD dispensary on this list. They have physical locations in Lexington, Kentucky and in Florida. They also serve the rest of the country through their website. Their stated goal is to provide high-quality, hemp derived CBD to the public. They also hope to fuel the CBD movement by contributing to CBD education, research, and testimonials.

CBD is the heart and soul of Herbal Health and Wellness. Unlike the other entries on this list, they only sell CBD products. They offer topical CBD ointments, edibles, bath bombs, oils, and CBD pet supplies. If you are looking for the knowledge that only dedicated CBD experts can provide, then Herbal Health and Wellness may be the place for you. 

Where to buy CBD in Lexington — conclusion

Like many other cities throughout the country, CBD in Lexington is exploding. Lexingtonians have a growing number of options for CBD in the area. As a result, you may find it difficult to figure out which is the best. The stores on this list are all quality CBD sellers. Each one knows the industry and knows how to help you find the CBD product that you want. If you are unsure of which one is best for you, try them all out to see which provides the better experience. 

These are by no means the only good places for CBD in Lexington, but we recommend them for their quality and helpfulness. If you know of a great CBD store in Lexington, please let us know and we will add it to our list.

You can always order from our online store as well, and have your package delivered within 2 business days. We live in a wonderful time where we finally have access to high quality hemp products, and it’s important to buy those products from partners you can trust!


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