Our Difference

About Us

The Cornbread Difference

With over 250 years of Kentucky hemp tradition, our committment to cannabis excellence won't allow us to produce anything but the best CBD.

Our mission is to improve your quality of life.

The Problem

Corporate CBD is Cutting Corners

CBD became legal in 2014, and since then Corporate CBD has been finding ways to make production cheaper and faster.


Luckily, two cousins from Kentucky noticed an opportunity.

An Industry Changed

The Cornbread Story

And so they co-founded Cornbread Hemp, and created the first ever USDA certified organic, Flower-Only CBD oil. Thousands of happy customers later, the Cornbread Hemp mission remains the same - to improve your quality of life and change the CBD industry forever.

Upgrade Your CBD

If you can find a CBD out there as good as ours, please let us know. We'd like to give them a call and say “thanks for making our industry better, and for believing that folks deserve better."