social distancing kentucky
social distancing kentucky

8 Effects From Social Distancing In Kentucky

Beyond hand washing, your friends in Kentucky are doing their part to flatten the curve.

Hello from Kentucky, where we know how to make our own fun when we need to. In a March without basketball, Kentuckians are getting more creative than ever in finding ways to entertain themselves in the era of coronavirus. Our team at Cornbread Hemp thought it would be a positive idea to share some of the things Kentuckians are doing to stay busy while responsibly practicing social distancing and other CDC guidelines.

Effect #1: Kid Press Conferences

One of the consequences of having kids home from school is that kids are seeing more news than ever, and they understand these press conferences are important to their parents. So what did this Kentucky kid do? He re-created Governor Andy Beshear’s press conference, brought to you by this tweet from the Courier-Journal’s education reporter. If you ask us, more politicians should do press conferences dressed like Jack-O-Lanterns.

Effect #2: Cleaner Parks & Waterways

Here’s a Louisville man with a great idea: What better way to practice social distancing than picking up trash? In this case, Bear Grass Creek, a tributary to the Ohio River that runs through Louisville. This is exactly what we need more of: finding ways to make this situation positive for us all. 

Effect #3: A Massive Hot Brown

If you’re not from Kentucky, you might not know what a Hot Brown is. But don’t worry, we are here to help. A Hot Brown is a dish invented by a chef at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, and it is basically an open-face turkey sandwich drowned in a cheese gravy and topped with a sliced tomato and slices of bacon. But wait, is that asparagus hiding under the bacon?

Effect #4: Two Massive Hot Browns

What’s better that one massive Hot Brown? You guessed it: two massive Hot Browns! Look, their in-laws were coming over, which maybe wasn’t the best plan for social distancing, but in-laws do whatever they want. So make them a Hot Brown to take home, and give them a few social distancing tips on their way out the door.

Effect #5: Finding Lost Dogs

Our furry friends need social distancing tips, too. This little husky got so socially distant that it got itself lost. And this Louisville Redditor needs to find his husky. If you see a lost husky in Louisville, holler at this guy.

Effect #6: Toilet Paper Tube Art

All of a sudden, toilet paper is king. There’s such a strong secondary market for it that rolls of Charmin might be for sale it on StubHub by now. Ginny Saville, the owner of the Botany Bay stores in Lexington, decided to take her toilet paper tube and make a little guy out of it. But why are his eyes all bloodshot?

Effect #7: Stocking Up On Bourbon

This tweet from a University of Kentucky professor makes a lot of sense. Sure, you need toilet paper and groceries, but some people could use some bourbon, too. Bourbon isn’t for everyone, but if bourbon is your thing, take this doctor’s advice and stock up. 

Effect #8: Stocking Up On Cornbread Hemp

That’s right. CBD is the product of the moment for people seeking a natural remedy for the anxiety caused by the disruptions to their daily lives.* Here’s a loyal customer stocking up on our half-size Cornbread Hemp Mini’s to share with friends who might need it to take the edge off.

Send us your creative social distancing tips

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*Not a medical claim. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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