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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns Info

Orders placed before 3PM EST Monday - Friday will ship the same day.
Choose between USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail at checkout.

Shipping Estimates*

First Class Mail = 2-4 Business Days

Priority Mail = 1-3 Business Days
* We cannot guarantee delivery times.

Shipping & Handling FAQ's

When will I receive a tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number as soon as the shipping label is printed from our system. This tracking number allows you to look up the status of your USPS shipment with ease.

What carrier service will deliver my order?

We currently offer shipping services through the United States Postal Service, both First Class Mail and Priority Mail. Yes, it is legal to ship hemp CBD products through the US Postal Service.

What will my package look like?

Your package will arrive in a white bubble wrap mailer with Cornbread Hemp™ listed on the return address. We even take the time to add extra padding to ensure your products don't arrive damaged.

How long does delivery take?

Orders are shipped once daily around 3PM EST, Monday through Friday. Any orders placed before 3PM EST during the week will ship the same day. Orders placed on Saturdays and Sundays will ship on Monday.

For packages with USPS First Class Delivery, delivery usually takes 2-4 business days, depending on your location. For Priority Mail deliveries, it usually takes 1-3 business days. We cannot guarantee any delivery times.

Do you ship to all 50 United States?

Yes, we currently ship to all 50 United States, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii. We do not ship outside of the United States, as our products contain trace amounts of THC.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

No, we do not. Our products contain THC at no more than 0.3%, and therefore must remain within the United States.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

We will be implementing a new gift wrapping service for the holiday season!

What if my product is damaged?

If your products show up damaged upon delivery, immediately take a picture of the damaged item and email it to We will send you a replacement item as soon as possible!

What if my package gets lost in the mail?

We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses. However, if an item goes missing during shipment, we will happily send you a replacement.

What if my shipping address is incorrect?

We are not responsible for incorrect shipping addresses. If your item is lost because the shipping address was incorrect, we can offer a discount towards your next purchase, but we won't be able to issue you a full refund.

What if I receive the wrong item?

If you received the wrong item, please send us an email to or call (502) 289-1552 and we will be happy to send you a replacement. We ask that you return the item to us in the mail with a label we will provide.

Returns & Refunds

All customers are allowed to return one item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.
To submit a return request for a refund, click here.