Cornbread Hemp Rewards Program
Cornbread Hemp Rewards Program

CBD Referral program!

We’re officially launching our all new Cornbread Hemp Referral Program! Customers can now earn $20 in rewards points for every friend they refer that spends $60 or more on their first purchase. Plus, your friends get $20 off, too! Watch the video to learn more about the referral program and start earning free CBD today!

Log in to your account to get started now!


Step 1:

Log in to your Cornbread Hemp account.

Once logged in on the account page, click the “Rewards Program” button in the lower left hand corner. This opens the rewards program dashboard.

Step 2:

Once in the rewards dashboard, scroll down until you see the referral area. 

You will see your referral link next to several buttons that allow you to share this link conveniently from the dashboard. Copy this link or click one of the buttons to share it with your friends!

Step 3:

Your friends will click the link and follow the instructions that follow.

Once they click your link, they will see a pop-up that allows them to redeem their introductory offer for $20 off their first purchase of $60 or more! Once they complete their purchase, you will receive $20 in points!


Enrolling in the Cornbread Hemp referral program takes less than 1 minute! Click this link to log in to your account, and then click the button that says “Rewards Program.” The rest is self explanatory!

Your referral points will be credited to your account once the order has shipped.

NO! That’s the best part. You can literally have free CBD for life if you have enough friends (you would need a lot of friends, though).


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