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Cornbread Mini Distilled, 25MG/ML

Who It's For:
This half-size bottle of our Distilled formula is for someone new to CBD, who might be put off by the flavor of the Whole Plant formula. It's also ideal for travelers looking for a smaller size. For someone taking 25 mg per day, it's a 15-day supply.
Why It's Popular:
Because this is among our lowest priced organic CBD oils, it is a popular choice for customers who are trying Cornbread Hemp for the first time. This is often bought together with the Whole Plant Mini.
Organic Medium Chain Coconut Oil, Organic Hemp Extract
CBD Per Serving:
Total CBD:

Product Overview

"Cornbread Mini" half-size bottles are perfect for traveling, trying for the first time, or just because it's incredibly cute! Made with our signature USDA certified organic Kentucky hemp, this CBD oil is flower-only extracted using organic sugarcane ethanol. Distilled to 75% purity, the organic distilled extract is then blended with certified organic MCT coconut oil. It's the most pure full spectrum CBD oil available on the market. This product has been certified organic by the USDA.


  • Do not vape. 
  • May cause you to test positive for THC. 

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How much CBD oil should I take?

The answer to this questions is largely dependent upon your body weight and what you intend to treat using CBD oil. A person taking CBD for mild anxiety is going to need much less milligrams per day than someone who is taking it for chronic pain. To keep things simple and safe, we tell our customers to start at a daily dose of 25mg per day. This is strong enough to get you started without the chance of taking too much.

How long does it take to being seeing results?

This again depends on what you are taking CBD for, but make sure to give yourself at least 4-6 weeks of consistent daily use before re-evaluating how you feel. Most of our customers report feeling better after 2-4 weeks of use. The most important factors in seeing success is a consistent daily routine, knowing your dose, and giving it some time!

Is CBD safe to take with other medications?

9 times out of 10, CBD is completely safe to take with other medications. However, CBD has been shown to have a synergistic effect with other medications, making them potentially stronger in some situations. To be safe, make sure to talk to your doctor before beginning your daily CBD routine if you take other medications.

Can I hurt myself by taking too much CBD?

You may make yourself sleepy, or really hungry if you have taken too much CBD. But you cannot actually hurt yourself by taking too much CBD. Rest assured that a dose between 25mg and 150mg of CBD per day is completely safe for adults over 150 lbs.

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