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AM / PM Bundle - 750mg Distilled / 750mg Whole Flower

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Short Description:
From dawn til dusk, Cornbread Hemp has you covered with our AM / PM Bundle. Take our USDA Organic Distilled CBD Oil in the morning, and our USDA Organic Whole Flower CBD oil before bedtime. Plus, you save $10!

Product Overview

Our customers prefer the Distilled formula during the day because the lower THC level helps them stay alert while they enjoy the comforting benefits of CBD. In the evening, they tell us they prefer the Whole Flower formula because the higher THC level helps them relax and get ready for bedtime.

The AM / PM Bundle includes:

  • 750mg USDA organic Distilled CBD Oil, 30 ml
  • 750mg USDA organic Whole Flower CBD Oil, 30 ml