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Grown on the 37th parallel™

Bluegrass Basin Hemp™

Why Bluegrass Basin Hemp™

Kentucky sits on a massive limestone rock bed called the Bluegrass Basin, which provides some of the most nutritious soil and water known to man. It’s the same reason that our state is famous for the finest bourbon and the fastest racehorses on Earth.

But there is one other major reason that cannabis grows so well in Kentucky. We’re perfectly positioned on the 37th parallel, the same latitude line that runs through the Hindu Kush mountains (seriously).

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World's Finest Water

The Bluegrass Basin is actually the bed of a prehistoric ocean. All the living material in that ocean fell to the ocean floor and became the limestone bedrock of the Bluegrass.

This limestone bedrock filters iron from the groundwater, and leaves it rich with calcium and magnesium. That iron-less water is perfect for making bourbon, and it's also perfect for growing hemp.

"Kentucky is to hemp what the Napa Valley is to wine" - Jim Higdon, co-founder

Grown on the 37th Parallel™

The Hindu Kush is a mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan and is the region where all indica strains of cannabis originated. That means that the light cycles in Kentucky are the same as in the Hindu Kush. But the Hindu Kush is a rugged, rocky mountainous region, and Kentucky is blessed with one of the greatest agricultural microclimates on Earth that is sustained by multi-generational family farms.

It’s no wonder that hemp loves Kentucky as much as it does.

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Nutritious Bluegrass Soil

Just like bourbon, the reason that Kentucky produces the fastest horses on Earth is partly due to the limestone-filtered water from the Bluegrass Basin. The calcium deposits in the limestone-filtered water make their way into the grass that these horses graze upon in the horse farms of the Bluegrass region.

Grown since 1775

We’ve learned a thing or two over these last 250 years. Kentucky farmers have been growing hemp since at least in 1775. Since then, our state has led the way in producing America’s finest outdoor hemp, even when it wasn’t legal.

Today, Cornbread Hemp® is proud to be Kentucky's #1 choice for CBD products sourced exclusively from Kentucky-grown hemp flowers, and our commitment to producing Kentucky’s finest full spectrum CBD has never been greater.

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