CBD Capsules Third Party Lab Tested with Cannverify Technology
CBD Capsules Third Party Lab Tested with Cannverify Technology

Now Authenticated by CannVerify!

What made us partner with CannVerify?

If you ordered from us recently, you might have noticed the custom holographic stickers now on all Cornbread Hemp products. But let us be the first ones to say, we didn’t apply them just because they’re pretty!
Back in August, we discovered that Cornbread Hemp had been counterfeited in the United Kingdom. A sharp-eyed British man thought that the “Cornbread” products he bought at his local health food store looked a little “dodgy” to him. So he looked us up on the internet and sent us an email with a picture attached, asking: “Are these your products?”  
We immediately responded, “Absolutely not!” It was hard to believe, and many of us felt sick over the news. We had been counterfeited by a global criminal operation. This set off alarm bells here at Cornbread Hemp HQ, and made us start looking for tangible solutions. 

Why does CBD authentication matter?

You may have heard a thing or two this year about the issues caused in the United States due to counterfeit vaping products that contained harmful ingredients like vitamin E, which can be deadly when inhaled through the lungs. These issues only came about when sketchy counterfeiters began to copy labels and produce knock-off cannabis products.

As you may or may not know yet, we take third party lab testing pretty seriously here at Cornbread Hemp. Every single one of our products has been third party lab tested by Digipath Labs to ensure that our products not only contain accurate levels of CBD, but that they are also free of any pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, solvents, and more. Want to see our lab reports? Click here now.

We don’t sell vape products, but as we’ve already discussed, we have been exposed to the dangers of counterfeiting in this industry, and we know exactly how important it is to provide a customer experience that cannot easily be copied by phony CBD salesmen.

How can we prevent counterfeit CBD?

We found a company, CannVerify, which serves over 70 companies in the full-strength cannabis industry to authenticate their products as genuine. When we reached out to the CannVerify team, they told us they didn’t work with many CBD brands, but they were happy to help us get started.

We spent the next few months designing a custom holographic label with the team at CannVerify that contains two different layers of Cornbread Hemp logos which are activated at different light exposure levels.

Canna Verified - Cornbread Hemp

But it doesn’t stop there.

How does CannVerify work?

CannVerify uses a multi-step process to ensure that every product contains an individual QR code and serial number that is unique and non-duplicatable. Here’s how: 

  • Step 1) We upload our product information into the CannVerify database before applying the CannVerify holographic sticker that contains an individual QR code and scratch-off PIN number.
  • Step 2) After purchasing, you may scan the QR code, which opens the CannVerify authentication portal.
  • Step 3) Scratch off and reveal the 4 digit PIN number under the QR code and enter the PIN into the CannVerify portal.
  • Step 4) CannVerify authenticates that the PIN number and QR code match their database, and alerts the customer that the product is an authentic Cornbread Hemp item. 

Any counterfeited CannVerify label will not properly sync with the authentication database because the scannable QR’s won’t have a matching PIN number. Think of it like using a debit card at the ATM where you must have a matching PIN number to access the appropriate records.

cbd authentication cannverify
After typing in your 4 digit PIN number, you’ll see the verification message.

Setting the Industry Standard in CDB Safety

With our new holographic label from CannVerify, Cornbread Hemp has become one of the only CBD brands to ensure our products are 100% genuine and authentic. This is just the first step we have taken in a multi-step process to become the industry leader in safety and quality standards for CBD products. 
Since day one, our motto has been “You’ll always know when it’s Cornbread.” Today, that’s more true than ever, thanks the the quality assurances set by the anti-counterfeiting team at CannVerify. 


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Cornbread hemp

Cornbread hemp

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