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Last Prisoner Project

Cornbread Hemp is committed to raising $10,000 in 2021 to support the work of Last Prisoner Project.

Last Prisoner Project is a nonprofit organization devoted to freeing everyone in prison for marijuana.


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How Cornbread Hemp Is Giving Back

Cornbread Hemp gives every customer the opportunity to give to Last Prisoner Project with the “RoundUp for Charity” feature on our checkout page. For instance, with a purchase of 79.49, a customer can “round up” to 80.00 and give $0.51 to LPP. If a customer wants to donate more than that, they can just increase the quantity like any item in their cart.

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Last Prisoner Project is a non-profit organization devoted to freeing the 40,000 Americans who are still imprisoned for marijuana “crimes.” It was founded Steve and Andrew DeAngelo, the co-founders of the Harborside cannabis dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Following the DeAngelos' leadership, many more soon joined their cause because they share the DeAngelos' goal of freeing every cannabis prisoner in America. The LPP advisory board now includes former NFL’er Ricky Williams; members of the Marley family; Melissa Etheridge; and Jim Belushi.

The mission of Last Prisoner Project is focused on three key criminal justice reform initiatives: prisoner release, record clearing, and reentry programs.

Prisoner release is the core idea behind Last Prisoner Project. To achieve this goal, these formerly incarcerated people need to be supported throughout the re-entry process. This support gives these LPP constituents their best chance in the outside world. Data shows that most released prisoners fail without proper support.

Record clearing is an essential element to LPP's mission. A criminal record can be a significant barrier to employment, housing, financial assistance, and more. That's why LPP works to provide expungement and record clearing programs for their constituents.

Reentry programs work to reduce recidivism rates by providing resources, support, and education that LPP's constituents need upon release.

Collectively, these programs help cannabis prisoners become free, thus fulfilling Last Prisoner Project's goal of ending the Drug War by supporting those most affected by it.

Cornbread Hemp's first step towards our ambitious goal of raising $10,000 for Last Prisoner Project in 2021 is integrating the RoundUp for Charity app into our checkout page. It works by giving shoppers an opportunity to round up their order to the nearest dollar, with the change going to a nonprofit organization, in this case, Last Prisoner Project.

If you have questions for us at Cornbread Hemp, you can visit our Contact Us page. For other e-commerce businesses interested in using RoundUp, just visit their page: RoundUp at Checkout.

Why would Cornbread Hemp support a cause that some customers might find controversial? Because we must. Cornbread Hemp is named in honor of the Cornbread Mafia, a group of outlaws who kept Kentucky's hemp traditions alive during the worst decades of prohibition. Many of these men served long prison sentences to protect other members of their community.

In honor of the Cornbread Mafia, Cornbread Hemp is proud to partner with Last Prisoner Project. The end of the Drug War is in sight. And with a strong coalition of companies, organizations, and individuals, we can legalize cannabis and release the remaining prisoners of the Drug War. Cornbread Hemp customers can rest assured that we are acting as a responsible member of the cannabis community, engaged in social justice for communities most affected by the Drug War. If you would like more information on how to get engaged, contact us here.