how much cbd oil do I give my dog

How much CBD oil do I give my dog?

Dogs have a well-deserved reputation for being intelligent, playful, charming, and exceedingly loyal. Most people who take on the responsibility of caring for a canine companion are rewarded with endearing displays of friendship, gratitude, and unconditional love.

In many ways, our four-legged friends are just like us: they need an appropriate diet, regular exercise, and companionship to thrive. They can also develop many of the same physical and emotional concerns.

Many of the medications used to alleviate canine health concerns are not universally effective and can cause serious side effects. That leads many dog lovers on a quest for alternative treatment options. Those looking for a safe, natural way to alleviate symptoms often turn to the many potential health benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

You and Your Canine Companion May Be More Alike Than You Realize

If you’ve been investigating the therapeutic potential of CBD, you’ve likely noticed that this non-intoxicating cannabinoid has significant health and wellness potential. You may have also noticed that CBD is being used for a considerable number of seemingly unrelated health concerns. The reason CBD is believed beneficial for such a diverse list of symptoms is explained by the way it interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the largest regulatory system in your body, and your dog’s.

CBD (cannabidiol) has the same health and wellness potential for your dog as it could have for you, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, and more.

Giving CBD oil to Your Dog or Cat

Although CBD infused snacks and dog treats are easy to find, it’s important to know that many companies use low-quality hemp extracts to create CBD pet products. Many of these questionable pet products contain too little CBD to be of any significant value. CBD pet treats can also be quite expensive.

That’s why so many CBD users consider CBD pet tinctures the better option. CBD tinctures can be added to foods and treats or applied topically to soothe skin itch and irritation.

How much CBD oil should you give your dog? (or cat)

how much cbd oil should I give my dog

For oral use, there are several effective ways to administer CBD to your canine. We recommend 2 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds in body weight. That breaks down to about five drops of a 250 ml tincture for each ten-pound increment. Since CBD tinctures are quite versatile, there are numerous ways to administer CBD to your pet. Consider the value of the following suggestions:

  • Adding CBD to Food   Pet tinctures can be added to dry or moist dog food. You can also use pet tinctures to create your own CBD infused dog treats. Many dogs also enjoy having their CBD mixed with a dab of peanut butter. 
  • CBD by Mouth You can use the dropper included with your CBD pet tincture to dispense the oil directly into your dog’s mouth. If your dog enjoys the flavor, direct administration may be the best way to ensure consistent dosing.
  • CBD in Water Adding CBD to drinking water is an easy way to give a dose of CBD to a dog reluctant to eat. The trick is not to use too much water to ensure your buddy is ingesting a full dose.

The Many Potential Benefits of CBD Oil for Your Dog

Cannabinoids are the messengers of the endocannabinoid system. They relay urgent messages to their corresponding receptors to keep internal processes functioning harmoniously. Although the messengers of this essential regulatory system are created in the body as needed, illness, injury, stress, and a significant number of other factors can create a demand for ECS messengers that exceeds the supply.

That’s where CBD fits into the picture. CBD mimics the functions of internally produced cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) to help keep essential communication processes working efficiently. This is important. Many researchers currently believe ECS deficiencies cause disease.

That’s why so many people are investing in the therapeutic potential of CBD for themselves and their pets. Just a few of the many potential benefits of CBD for your dog could include:  

  • The Potential to Minimize Everyday Stress – A dog that is feeling anxious may bark excessively, display destructive behaviors, and may urinate or defecate indoors. Aggressiveness can also be an anxiety symptom. Research suggests the anxiolytic properties of CBD could potentially calm anxiety symptoms in a manner similar to anti-anxiety medications, without the high risk of side effects.
  • The potential to Promote Overall Health and Wellbeing Your dog does not need to have troubling symptoms to benefit from the therapeutic potential of hemp-derived CBD. This safe, natural product could support numerous functions crucial to overall health and wellbeing. If you read a few user testimonials, you will likely find numerous references from pet owners using CBD to promote healthy wellbeing.

Evidence Supporting the Use of CBD for Dogs

Most evidence supporting the benefits of CBD is based on lab testing, animal studies, and user testimonials. Anecdotal evidence has prompted several investigations and clinical trials. To determine if CBD could be an option for your four-legged friend, consider the following observations:

  • During a trial investigating the effects of CBD for canine pain management, test subjects were given either CBD or a placebo every 12 hours. Conclusions were based on veterinarian observation and owner assessment.
  • A survey investigating veterinarian’s views and experiences with CBD asked doctors which conditions clients most often inquired about treating with cannabidiol.

Selecting the Best CBD for Your Canine Companion

When selecting a CBD tincture for your dog, you will want to use the same criteria you would use for any other member of your family. It’s important to select high-quality products that have been tested by an independent lab for purity and potency.

 Unlike many CBD pet products saturating the market, Cornbread Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD Pet Oil is made with the same premium distilled hemp oil as the products we formulate for you, with one crucial addition, a corndog flavor your pet is sure to enjoy.  

Other Common Questions About CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Can CBD for Dogs Cause Diarrhea? 

Yes, CBD for dogs can cause diarrhea if you give them too much. CBD tends to relax the body, and this includes the intestinal areas. However, this is a very rare occurrence, as the amount of CBD needed to produce this effect is very high. So if you follow the directions we outline in this article, you shouldn’t have that problem.

Can CBD for Dogs Be Used with Other Medications?

Most of the time, yes. However, there are certain situations where CBD could potentially have a synergistic effect. That intensifies the other medications’ effects. If you are giving your dog any other medications, you should check with your veterinarian to make sure there will be no negative interactions.

Can Humans Take CBD for Dogs? 

Absolutely! Cornbread Hemp’s CBD oil for dogs is made with the same premium distilled full spectrum hemp extract that we use in our CBD oil for humans. The only difference is that our CBD oil for pets is one-third the strength at 250mg of CBD per bottle. Plus, we add our signature corn dog flavoring that cats and dogs love! If you want to try our pet CBD before you give it to your dog, you have nothing to worry about.

If you’re looking to get the therapeutic effects of CBD for yourself, you could always just buy CBD oil for humans!

Is CBD for Dogs Legal? 

Yes! The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived CBD products. So as long as the product has 0.3% THC or less, it’s completely legal and you aren’t endangering your pet in any way. This means you don’t have to worry about the law – and you don’t have to go through some shady business!

Can I Give CBD Oil to my Cat?

Yes, of course! As long as he or she loves the taste of corndogs (who doesn’t), they will love our CBD oil for pets, including cats. We’ve distilled out all of the harsh plant matter that most cats don’t enjoy, but then we add our proprietary corndog flavoring. It’s pretty much the most delicious form of wellness that your critter could enjoy. If you are looking for the best CBD oil for your cat, choose Cornbread Hemp!

Although CBD is considered a safe, natural product, CBD may not be advisable for all pets. Please consult your veterinarian before purchasing a CBD pet product, particularly if your pet is currently taking medication. CBD can interact with several medications.


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