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Distilled CBD Oil

Many people who have tried CBD oil have been turned away by the taste. That’s because the majority of CBD on the market is made with whole plant CBD oil, and whole plant CBD is not for everyone.

Whole plant CBD oil can be brown or dark green with a thick consistency. It can taste grassy, even with a masking flavor, like cinnamon or mint, which some companies use to disguise the underlying grassy nature of whole plant extract.

When surveying the vast market of CBD products, we came to one conclusion: 99% of the full spectrum CBD products out there are made with C02 extracted whole plant hemp oil.

Here at Cornbread Hemp, we think you deserve better.

That thick consistency and grassy taste are both due to the same leftover ingredient: waxes, chlorophyll & plant matter.

Supercritical C02 extraction does a great job of producing oil from the hemp plant without leaving any residual solvents, and that’s a good thing. However, it’s only 10% to 20% CBD purity. The rest is plant matter, which gives the oil its earthy flavors, Pictured below is a picture of hemp crude oil.

Yeah, it's... earthy.

hemp crude oil
Hemp Crude Oil vs Cornbread Distilled CBD Oil. See the Cornbread difference?

Here in Kentucky, we do two things really well: we grow hemp, and we distill bourbon. So when Team Cornbread set about to make the best CBD oil in America, it just made sense to combine the two — to distill our CBD oil to a greater purity while keeping it full spectrum.

Our distillation process does not create an alcohol content because we don’t add yeast. When we distill our whole plant hemp oil, we simply remove the plant matter from the cannabinoids to increase the purity levels.

Distillation is the perfect purification method to increase CBD potency and purity without losing the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Did we mention that distilled CBD oil also tastes AMAZING with no added flavoring? Because it does.

So, why are all the other companies using whole plant hemp oil?

It’s not because whole plant hemp oil is the best way for you to get your CBD. It’s because it’s the cheapest way for them to sell it. Kentucky bourbon distillers go the extra mile to make the smoothest whiskey in the world, and that’s been our guiding principle for making our CBD oil the most pure full spectrum oil on the market. 

But here’s the best part: distilled CBD products are much more bioavailable. That means our CBD is stronger in a milligram-to-milligram comparison to whole plant CBD oil. It’s simple: by removing the chlorophyll, waxes, and other plant matter that most brands leave behind, the distilled cannabinoids can enter your system much more easily. Plus, Cornbread Hemp CBD oil already tastes great naturally. Instead of the grassy flavor of whole plant oil, our distilled oil has a piney-herbal aroma profile.

In terms of CBD topicals, our distilled CBD is one of the only full spectrum hemp products mixed with a water based lotion. That’s because it is so refined, we are able to emulsify it with a premium paraben-free lotion. As a result, we have the most effective full spectrum CBD lotions on the market. They penetrate the skin quicker and don’t leave an oily mess on your skin like those hemp salves made with whole plant extract and bees wax.

Because we go this extra mile through a more expensive distillation process, our CBD products regularly receive rave reviews. In our first six months, we received more than 130 five-star reviews from customers who came to us with chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues and much more. That sort of feedback is how we know we’re on the right track to producing the best top-shelf CBD products in America. 

Do you want to learn even more about how our products are made? Check out our process graphic to better understand how Cornbread Hemp products are different. 

hemp oil for pain


“I have sciatica pain when I use this is stops the pain for a while. I love it.”

-Christina S., verified buyer

Distilled for potency

Why is distilled CBD oil better?

If you’ve taken a hemp CBD oil before, you know that most of them are green or brown and have a strong grassy flavor. This is because most brands in the CBD industry are mixing the first run of whole plant hemp oil with a carrier oil, and then bottling this mixture directly without any further filtration. 

Not at Cornbread Hemp. We knew we could do better. Made from our signature distilled hemp extract, we’ve taken out the plant matter and grassy flavors. 

As a result, our full spectrum CBD oils are more bioavailable, making Cornbread the most powerful, potent, and pure CBD oil on the market.