Our Process -
Distilled CBD Oil

If you have tried CBD oil, you probably have a good memory of how it tasted. Most likely, the CBD oil you tried was dark brown and thick in consistency. It tasted bitter and grassy, or maybe it had a masking flavor, like cinnamon or mint, to disguise the underlying damp grassiness.

When surveying the vast market of CBD products, we came to one conclusion: 99% of the full spectrum products out there are made with C02 extracted whole hemp crude oil.

Here at Cornbread Hemp, we don’t ever do that. Ever.

That thick consistency and bitter grassy taste are both due to the same leftover ingredient: waxes, chlorophyll & plant matter.

C02 extraction does a great job of producing oil from the hemp plant without leaving any residual solvents. However, it doesn’t produce an oil that is free of plant matter. In fact, it’s around 80% plant stuff. That’s why the first run of C02 extracted oil is called “crude oil.” It’s as thick as tar and looks about the same, and it’s only 10% to 20% CBD. Pictured below is a picture of hemp crude oil. Yeah, it’s seriously gross.

hemp crude oil

Here in Kentucky, we do two things really well: we grow hemp and we distill bourbon. So when we at Team Cornbread were developing the manufacturing process to make the best CBD oil in America, we knew we had to combine the two. 

Distillation does not involve alcohol unless you add yeast, which we do not. That’s not what we’re doing here. When we distill our whole hemp crude oil, we simply remove the plant matter from the cannabinoids. 

Distillation is the perfect purification method to increase CBD potency and purity without losing the full spectrum of cannabinoids. Did we mention that distilled CBD oil also tastes AMAZING with no added flavoring? Because it does.

So, why are all the other companies using hemp crude oil?

It’s not because whole hemp crude oil is the best way for you to get your CBD. It’s because it’s the cheapest way for them to serve it to you. Kentucky bourbon companies wouldn’t dare serve you undistilled sour mash before distilling it down into delicious bourbon. We feel the same way about our CBD oil

But here’s the best part: distilled CBD products are much more bioavailable. It’s simple: by removing the waxes, chlorophyll, and other plant matter that most brands leave behind, the cannabinoids present can enter your system much more powerfully. Plus, we don’t have to add any masking flavors to add even further complication. Cornbread Hemp CBD oil already tastes great naturally!

In terms of CBD topicals, our distilled CBD is one of the only full spectrum hemp products that is able to mix effectively with a water based lotion. That’s because it is so refined. As a result, we have one of the most powerful full spectrum CBD lotions on the market. It penetrates the skin quicker and doesn’t leave an oily mess on your skin like those annoying hemp salves.

Cornbread Hemp CBD products are 5-star rated by nearly 100 customers for pain, anxiety, sleep and much more. We know we’re on the right track to producing the best CBD products in America. 

Do you want to learn even more about how our products are made? Check out our process graphic to better understand how Cornbread Hemp products are different.