CBD for moms at Cornbread Hemp!

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What’s the best CBD for moms?

It’s not easy being a mother these days. Whether you’re a new mom chasing little ones around or an older parent with adult kids out of the house, being a good mother can be a stressful job that often goes unnoticed. Luckily, Cornbread Hemp is here with CBD for moms just like you.

Cornbread sees the hard work you’re putting in, and we’re here to show our support! We want to help you be the best Mom you can be with the help of a little Cornbread. That’s why we are offering our Cornbread Bundle (two amazing Cornbread CBD products) for $105, original retail price $135. CBD for moms, it’s the perfect gift!

And it’s not just us saying so. Last month, the New York Times wrote about the trend of young parents turning to CBD to help take the edge off. One young mother told the Times how taking CBD has made her a better mother: “It’s just kind of like, you know what? She’s 3, I don’t have to take it personally that she’s not eating my food. She’s just picky right now… I don’t have to sweat the small stuff.” You can read this New York Times story for yourself about parents who use CBD.

But don’t just take the New York Times’ word for it, here’s a review from Karen S., a verified Cornbread customer:

“For a long time I said I was going to try the CDB Oil. When I found Cornbread I decided to take the plunge. I like this product. The lotion is great and the CDB oil helps me relax and sleep. Thank you Cornbread for helping make my life a little less painful and a lot more relaxing.”*

Read more verified Cornbread customer reviews HERE. And see the results CBD is having across America who are turning to CBD for anxiety, pain, sleep and other issues.

*Not a medical claim or a testimonial.

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