100 CBD Reviews in 4 months

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That’s a lot of CBD reviews!

Cornbread Hemp began shipping CBD products to customers on April 1, 2019 — not that long ago. And yet, in just over four months, verified customers have written more than 100 reviews of our CBD products. And not just any CBD reviews — that’s 100 five-star CBD reviews.

We are no strangers to getting reviews, but everybody gets a bad review every once in a while. But here at Cornbread Hemp, with just over 100 reviews, we are averaging a five-star review across the board — batting 1,000 as they say in baseball.

That’s just crazy, right? But (more than) 100 five-star CBD reviews can’t be wrong — especially in just four months! Something must be happening here. If you’re new to CBD, what do these five-star CBD reviewers know about Cornbread Hemp that you don’t?

Verified CBD reviews

Reviewers like Ben C. will tell you the same thing he told us: “Helped my pain & anxiety! Quick shipping! Excellent customer service!!” It’s a short review, but that’s all you need to know.

We have other verified customers who really spent some time to tell us how we stack up, like Teresa S: “My husband & I have researched & have chosen to use these products. He uses the CBD oil & I the capsules. I also use the lotion for arthritis & love it! I recommend to everyone ❤️”

That’s five stars and a red heart emoji from a couple of informed CBD reviewers. Teresa S. sounds like she knows what she’s talking about. Browse the rest of our reviews, and you’ll find more like her.

CBD for Pets Reviewed

But CBD isn’t just for people. Many families have found that CBD is as great for the pets in the house as it is for the people. That’s why Cornbread Hemp offers CBD products for every mammal in the house. So what have pet owners said about Cornbread Hemp ?

Dog owner Ella H. told us: “We got the CBD Oil for our husky and boxer right in time for 4th of July. It was easy to use and the dogs enjoyed the corn dog flavor. High quality product and fast shipping!”

CBD Reviews conclusion:

The fact is, it’s difficult to know which CBD brands you can trust because it’s still the Wild West out there. In this period before the FDA issues some regulations, it’s hard to know which CBD products are good and which are bad. Good CBD companies are refraining from any marketing that could appear to be considered to be a medical claim by the FDA, and that includes paid testimonials.

Therefore, the only reliable way an informed consumer can decide on which CBD products are right for you is by reading customer reviews. So read our 100 five-star reviews, and then click to shop. Still not convinced? Here’s our three most recent CBD reviews, all five stars:

A note on our CBD reviews:

While we have accumulated 102 reviews, if you click on product reviews, the current count at time of publication (8/13/2019 at 10:18 am) appears to be only 99. But if you click on site reviews, the current count is 3 — for a total of 102 cumulative reviews. The difference is: anyone can come to the site and leave a site review, while all product reviews are from verified customers.

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